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I'm working in a huge setting for my players and one idea that one of them give to me was to assaciate 3 skills craft , profesion and performance with three schools of cooking.


each of them with diferent styles yet to define (sincerly , I have no idea how to make them haha) so any advice will be welcomed

And now , the real "problem" with this , the skald , the player really likes bizarre stuff, and roleplay so , his idea is to play a lizardfolk with tendency to cook his fallen enemys (which I do not consider evil due to a really good justification that he gave me). Who wants to become famous not only by his heroism but also for his extraourdinarious ability to preapare dishes with incredible flavor.

The thing is that he wants to use versatile performance with cooking.
So, which two skills will you link to this new performance???
Diplomacy? Use Magic Device? Heal ? Survival? Sleight of hands?
(Note that I would like to give his decent/useful skills)

Thanks in advance.

Also ,I plan to add a rule to add "spells" to the food
DC (20 + (5xSpell lvl)) can be made by any of the cooking "schools"
What do you think? I saw it somewhere else , don't remember where

Perform(cooking) sounds like the focus would be more on the show of the actual cooking rather than extensive knowledge of spice palettes and main ingredients or managing the kitchen.

If it's more the flair of cooking like a hibachi than I could see Diplomacy or Intimidate as either trying to impress or scare with the knife and fire play. I lean to Intimidate between these two. And the dexterity a hibachi cook needs would make sense for Slight of Hand

Perform (Cooking) sounds like Sleight of Hand and Intimidate to me.

Also, Craft (Dinner) always makes me laugh :D
(Because I like lame jokes)

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