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If I buy rounds for Longarm or Sniper (charges/cartridges 25) for a weapon with a capacity of 2 rounds (Tactical Shobhad Horizon Striker), then is it 25 cartridges = 50 shots? Or do I only get 25 shots from that?

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25 is just that 25 from my understanding do you would get 12 reloads and an extra round.

It means it has 25 bullets in the pack. Your Horizon striker can hold two bullets on its own, and fires 1 bullet each time. That's 12 full reloads and 1 bullet left over. But only 25 shots.

Well, ask yourself this. If you buy 20 cartridges for your Advanced X-Gen gun give you 20 cartridges or 2000, and you'll have the answer :)

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