Wounding Strikes (or Greater Called Shots)

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In an attempt to find a balance between a quick and abstract combat system (with only hit points) and the sophistication to grant additional options in battle (as the old called shot system), I have been working on the Wound System.

Link on Google Drive

The concept is simple; you call a shot before attacking, choose an effect or have it chosen for you (corresponding to a location on the target's body), and compare the damage with half the target's maximum hit points. This usually yields a light wound (penalty on attack, speed, short-term condition, etc.).
If you happened to score a heavy wound (either with a critical called shot or if the damage was exceptionally high), there is an additional effect chosen from a higher-severity list (limb unusable or severed, condition extended, etc.), with many ways to make a light wound heavier (and thus more punishing).

To integrate better with the concept of critical hits and sneak attacks, it is possible for the attack to count as a called shot retroactively. This means that sneak attack is technically a called shot (since it refers to targeting a weak spot), but it deals only 1d6 unless the character possesses the Sneak Attack class feature. This is detailed in the link.

This has went under only a little playtesting, but I believe the system has potential for use in home games. It will not be used every attack (due to benefiting most from critical hits), but is a tactical option that players may choose to use circumstantially.

Any feedback is appreciated

Version 0.5 online, which also adds rules for maneuvering strikes.
These follow the same rules; -4 to attack (or sacrifice critical hit/sneak attack) for a combat maneuver. This requires a swift action instead of the normal action, but does not bypass other requirements (having hands full when grappling, attacks of opportunity, etc.).

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