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When I found this Bloodline in Blood of the Ancients I immediately started to think of Iron Gods and the Technology Guide stuff.


Restored Glory (Su): At 3rd level, objects in your possession with the broken condition function as if they did not have the broken condition, though if they reach 0 hit points they are destroyed as normal. At 9th level, destroyed objects (objects with 0 hit points) in your possession function and appear as if they had only the broken condition, though if they reach a number of negative hit points equal to your level, they become fully destroyed and don’t function at all, even in your possession. At 15th level, destroyed objects in your possession function and appear as if fully repaired, though they can become fully destroyed as described above. Destroyed objects must have physical pieces left to be affected by this ability. Objects that leave your possession are affected normally by these conditions. This ability does not affect artifacts.

This creates some questions regarding certain items:

1) Would this power allow an expended silverdisk to work as a battery once again?

2) Would a destroyed construct be considered an object in your possession? Because if it becomes broken, but otherwise functional, that means it can be repaired.

3) When used on a destroyed construct, will the constructs regain their memories up to the moment of their destruction (just like the Memory of Function spell) and have no particular inclination to serve the caster?

4) Does Time-worn technology lose the condition of being time-worn when destroyed so that we can by-pass the Technomancer PRC?

According to James Jacobs, in regards to removing the time-worn quality:

A miracle or wish could do it, but otherwise, there's nothing in the game at this point that specifically removes timeworn from an item.

Since it doesn't specifically mention time-worn technology, I want to say that even after three years, six months and 2 days later I don't think we have anything "at this point" to remove that quality. But what do you guys think?

5) Would this ability restore the Numerian fluids to objects in your possession?

I'm going to bump this post once more, just in case the recent Firefox update might've caused this post to not be seen.

Of course, it might just be that my questions are a lot dependent on GM fiat. Either way, it would be nice to get some more input from others before I shelve this idea.

I'm going to flag this to be moved over to Rules from advice. While I'm not overly familiar with the tech rules, I can give my thoughts on a few things.

1: No clue
2: No, an item in your possession refers to items being on your person. So items you wear, items held within items you wear, items you hold, and etc. Unless you are carrying around the construct in your arms it is not on your person.
3: No clue
4: Probably not since Timeworn is different from broken
5L No clue

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