Wrong dash numbers on my characters... Woopsie

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So, I've accidentally created several characters I had no plans on playing in the near future and they all had an account on my profile. I've since deleted them, and kept only the ones that have a play history on them. The problem is, that they currently display as -3 and -7 instead of -2 and -3... Can this be fixed?

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I doubt Paizo would do it for a second and third character, seeing there is not currently a way to retrieve a -1 character that has specific mechanics attached (Welcome to Pathfinder boon). As far as I know the deleted numbers are gone for good.

Is there a way to transfer the progress from an account accidentally deleted onto a different one? If not, it was only one game, but that means I'll never be able to get credit for it again. =/

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That's fixable: you can ask your GM or a Venture-Officer to reissue the chronicle for the new number.

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An account as in player number or character number? From your opening post I get the understanding that you mean character number.

The best option is to contact your local venture officer. He or she should be able to work with you to see if he/she is able to help you. You can find your local venture officer on this list.

If you played those games online then send me a PM and I will work with you to see if we can take care of your issue. I would want to get a better understanding of what happened than I currently have, but we could deal with that through mail or PM.

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