Advice for Stonelord Dwarf Build on Solo Campaign


Hello. I'm planning on applying for a solo campaign, and I really want to try out the stonelord paladin archetype. It seems like such an amazing concept, and always wanted to try out a paladin character outside of the typical holy knight theme.

Here's the character creation rules for the campaign:
-starting at level 5
-20 point buy, no stat can be lower then 8 before modifiers
-Starting gold: Wealth By Level (so 10,500 gp)
-Two traits (must come from sources other then Adventure Paths)
-Skills: Background skills are being used

I've been reading on other threads, and a good amount of suggestions involve reach weapons, and more investment in Strength then Charisma (for the sole purpose of lay of hands being the only thing a Stonelord will need for Charisma), but other then that I'm having a bit of difficulty figuring out what build will work best.

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