Token Spell-What do you use it for?

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Looking at the description for token spell, I can see a variety of ways to cause all sorts of mischief and utility inside of a campaign. From hiding objects all the way to lighting and the lack of. You can soil companions that piss you off, or clean those low cha people, to save the olfactory nerve. So my Question is, What would you use it for?

Use it to alter the flavor of a piece of poisoned food to hide the taste of the poison.

Use it to hold up a piece of light armor to act as a decoy.

Use it to conjure a fragile tile to cover a pit-trap, then color it to look less artificial and more like the surrounding ground.

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Use it to make your cape/cloak/robe heroically blow in the wind, even inside.

I'm going to be using it (when our campaign starts and I get a level or two for it).

For quick-disguises!

I'll be augmenting my innate shapeshifting (Kitsune) with magically altering the colour of my outfit to be radically different from my alternate form.

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My group has always used it (well, prestidigition up til now) like cantrips in 1st/2nd ed AD&D. I wrote up several effects for it and put it in Homebrew.

Homebrew Token Spell

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