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For Legendary Games fans out there, how well can Legendary Planet by integrated with Starfinder's Pact Worlds setting?

I know Legendary Planet was originally released for PFRPG and was an awesome-sounding sword-and-planet style AP. As I understand it, it was originally supporting the concept of the PCs being fish-out-of-water as 'standard' fantasy characters exposed to a much bigger world/universe.

Now that at least some of the parts of Legendary Planet have been converted to SFRPG, I'm looking at the possibility of running at least the early parts of it for my own Starfinder campaign. However, I'm curious as to how well it would work with the Pact Worlds setting.

In other worlds, I'm fine with Pact Worlds inhabitants being taken on a far-flung journey to alien worlds via stargates. (Although I'd love to be able to integrate spaceships into the story as well.)

I'm less ok with the idea that I'm yanking my Pact Worlds characters into a story that is great for planetary romance-style adventure but can't really support the more traditional science-fiction/space opera tropes as presented in Starfinder such as advanced societies, gear, computers, robotics, drones etc.

For a first Starfinder campaign, can Legendary Planet seamlessly fit into a remote corner of the galaxy or is the tone/setting/feel of the AP cement it as a "different science fantasy taste"?

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In terms of mechanics and feel, we brought on Lyz Liddell and Landon Winkler to lead our Starfinder team because we wanted the people who knew that system the best to develop the Legendary Planet setting in a way that would marry harmoniously with the SF system. For characters and their gear and the presence of technology and what they can do it's not that different from core SF. There are robots, drones, high-tech weapons and gear, etc.

The biggest departure from a narrative/flavor sense is that there aren't really spaceships in the default LP setting. Travel between planets is by portals, which are themselves ancient lostech (though if you want gateway technology to be a thing PCs can create and control, we also made Stargates for SF, PF, and 5E to give you a detailed set of rules for filling that niche). There are some exceptions to this in the latter adventures, but the adventure path is explicitly designed around planet-side adventure and exploring the worlds themselves, not the journeys between them. If your group is super-excited about spaceship travel and starship combat, etc., that would be something you'd need to add and it wouldn't necessarily fit the flow of the rest of the AP.

The worlds to which you travel also tend to be more pulp-style sci-fi worlds in the vein of Flash Gordon's Mongo and John Carter's Barsoom, where high-tech everything isn't universally available. In more modern sci-fi terms, it's like the grungier parts of Star Wars' Outer Rim, where advanced technology is generally known and usually understood but access to it can be hit and miss. Some worlds are more isolated than others for reasons baked into the AP, and you'll encounter enemies with swords and bows as well as ones using ray guns and flight packs.

It does come down to taste on a certain level, but it works pretty well as long as your players aren't expecting shiny Star Trek-level holodecks and transporters and warp-drive-ships as the baseline tech level of the campaign.

Excellent! Thanks, Jason. That sounds great. Grungy Outer Rim-style planets, Flash Gordon, and John Carter I can work with. :)

Yeah, the players can leave through the mysterious gateway in Absalom Station or one of the gates on Apostae.

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Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
Yeah, the players can leave through the mysterious gateway in Absalom Station or one of the gates on Apostae.

Yep, any of those would work perfectly.

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