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So they are opening one of these bad boys in the Twin Cities soon. Cant wait!

Have fun!

We have had ADH in San Antonio since 2005, and it is pretty much the only place I will watch movies. No, the local one doesn't have an IMAX (we have 1 IMAX screen in the 2.5 million+ SA metro area), but the service, culture, and environment is fantastic. If nothing else, I always go early to catch the pre-show features, as they are specific to the film and not just general advertisements for random stuff.

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I really wish we'd get one in Central Ark. Yeah we have a couple of places that have really stepped their game up in the last couple of years (dining options, drinks, good chairs), but the one trip I've made to an Alamo (Richardson TX on a quick anniversary trip // wedding shower combo to see *sigh* X-MEN 6: Apocalypse) was a benchmark for what a good theater experience should be.

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Getting good chairs, tasty beverages and dining options is a step in the right direction, especially for areas such as/similar to central Arkansas.

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