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So I’ve been playing D&D for a little while, starting when 5e came out. I moved on to DMing for a couple of regular D&D games.

Recently, however, I was invited to play in a Pathfinder game. Pathfinder has been kicking around for like, 13 years, and so has amassed up a truly impressive amount of content. This makes it fairly inpeneratible and I've found that getting into it, even to just roll a character, has been difficult and rather intimidating.

While trying to figure this all out, I was looking for general rundowns or overviews of all the races and classes, but I had a hard time finding what I’ve been looking for. Guides tend to be either too way to basic or way too comprehensive. They either assume that you are utterly unfamiliar with the genre of fantasy or they go hard the other direction and dig deep into all the stats and numbers and relative power levels.

I’ve been looking for a basic overview that focuses on the feel of the characters without getting into all the numbers, while also assuming a basic knowledge of fantasy tropes and roleplaying games.

That’s what I’ve tried to do here. Check it out. I hope that it makes Pathfinder a little more accessible.

Races: _lOs/edit?usp=sharing

Classes: BBiM/edit?usp=sharing

So, it was pointed out to me that I messed up my URLs. Here they are again, in links that should work.



So far just seeing races, it seems fine. It accomplishes what you want it to. It describes and sums up the all the abilities pretty well.

If you do want to explain it, Core Races are from the Core Rulebook and considered the most common ones.

Featured Races are from the Advanced Race guide. They either aren't as common as core races (i.e. Aasimars) or are viewed as monstrous (i.e. Goblins).

Uncommon races are very rare, and some of them have powerful abilities which boost their CR. Many people may not know they even exist.

Planar Touched races are not necessarily Half Angel or something like that. It can manifest randomly or skip a generation. It also doesn't necessarily mean that you are descended from angels. Maybe your mother while pregnant was exposed to a powerful wave of Celestial Energy or something. It's pretty vague to allow player agency in how the element got into them.

For classes, you might want to consider that all the variety of options out there, most classes can be played most ways. As an example, I have a rogue with a high strength that uses an Earthbreaker. I consider her to be a tough person, that doesn't really fit the 'thief' theme.

I would also put an NSFW tag or warning. It's fine, but some of the language might not be something you'd want to necessarily open up anytime. The Paizo forums can also have kids on here, so there is that...

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