Chromecast, Roll20 and Syrinscape


I could use some advice/information from folks who have experience with Chromecast, as I'm thinking about buying one but not sure it will work for my particular application.

By way of background, for our gaming table setup, I have a tv set flat that I use for the display of digital maps. So far, I've done that by running an HDMI cable from my laptop to the tv, then set it as an Extended Desktop with Roll20 in a browser window that is then set to full screen on the tv. Audio from Syrinscape also plays on the tv via the HDMI connection.

However, that laptop died and my replacement (from work) does not have an HDMI cable. I'm thinking of just buying a new laptop for myself but, as an alternative, I was wondering if a Chromecast device would work.

Specifically, I know I can cast just one tab from google Chrome, but can I have that tab go "full screen" on the tv so that it's not windowed? And, would audio from Syrinscape also cast to the tv (since the audio source is not the tab that is being cast)?


laptop must have VGA port if not hdmi, you can find a connector from VGA to HDMI, simple.

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