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There is something mentioned in the original River Kingdoms sourcebook as well as the Stolen Lands Adventure Path that is something along the lines of an undead treant from what I recollect.

Does anyone know what the name of this creature is? Were its stats ever put in any product?


Could the 3.5 Monster The Horror Tree be what you are thinking of? I do not have the books that you mention but looking around I cannot find a reference to an Undead Treant related to them; however, this Creature sounds about right. If not, good luck with the search, it sounds interesting. ^.^

The Horror Tree is actually from the RotRL AP. I seem to sort of remember fighting something around the area of corruption that the dead unicorn incident left behind but...it wasn't very memorable. The giant badger-thing that attacked the town was more memorable.

Copsewights are undead trees created by the blight. They came out in Ironfang Invasion.

There's an enormously large violet musk creeper (I think, or something reminiscent of that?) in Nystra. I don't know that it was ever given stats, though. That's the closest I can come to what you are describing.

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The second chapter includes a Scythe Tree, CE Huge plant (Tome of Horrors Revised 310).

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