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So i recently introduced the concept of time travel into my home campaign (Yes, yes, i know it wasn't smart but it is making a good story!).

But somewhere in my head i have an echo of an inevitable that is tasked with keeping time travel from happening. Did i dream this? If not, where did i see it?

Of course, if you have a suggestion for what that inevitable should look like/behave/be like, please feel free to make it. It should be a challenge for a group of 5-6 12-13th level PCs.

Thanks! I hope the group mind can point me in the right direction...

I was unable to find any Inevitables that fit with the task, but I did find that the Bythos Aeon tend to hunt creatures that time travel. At CR 16, it fits in your level range as well.

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You could also look at the time dragon.

If your going for time related monsters, you can't get much better than Irii, particularly ones of the Fates philosophy. Admittedly, at CR rating 19 it is a bit strong for your party, but that's nothing a few negative levels and/or templates can't fix.

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3.0s fiend folio had an inevitable of time

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You're probably thinking of an Inevitable from third edition. In particular, you're thinking of the Quarut from Fiend Folio. thecreaturecodex tumblr recently converted its stats to Pathfinder, though it clocks in at around the same power range as the Bythos. I also kind of vaguely recall a time travel Inevitable in Tome of Horrors? Maybe? It was made of quick-silver; very James Cameron-esque, if you catch my drift. Not sure if it's in the Pathfinder version.

Planar Adventures has a new time-related monster called Irii. It's CR 19 and actually split into one of two sub-races: one that views time as ridged and immutable, and one that views time as elastic and entropic. The former would make a good antagonist for a group of time travelers. It may be a bit too strong for APL 12/13, though.

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