brutal bloodline + burning hands vs swarm

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will it do 1d4+2 damage x 1.5 for a 1st lvl sorcerer?

Seems right to me. (1d4 base from spell + 2 brutal bloodline arcana) x 1.5 (swarm subtype), but for only one swarm caught in its area.

Is there something that caused you hesitation about that interpretation?

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It was this bit in the arcana:

one target of your choice affected by the spell takes 2 additional hit points of damage

vs this in the swarm type:

A swarm is immune to any spell or effect that targets a specific number of creatures

I wasn't sure whether a swarm was a target.


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Ah, well I see the quandry. A swarm is a single target, even if it isn't a single creature, so I still think it should work. But it may suffer from table variation, since it isn't completely straightforward.

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