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One of my PCs recently ripped an anchoring pendant from the throat of a draconic efreeti in a dramatic mid-air battle hundreds of feet in the sky. The PC couldn't fly. Monks, man. Ring of Featherfall worked hard that day.
It was a magic-gone-awry thing for the creature. It's not an efreeti half-dragon, but a red dragon / noble efreeti hybrid. The fight was intense.

A few skips into the future and she has the pendant and has a binding with the genie. The creature is weaker now, but has enforced loyalty. It is not only compelled to acquiesce to her commands, but willingly does so due to an RP circumstance.

It's magic is limited to the following:
Caster Level 11
Constant—detect magic
At Will—plane shift (willing targets to elemental planes, Astral Plane, or Material Plane only), produce flame, pyrotechnics, scorching ray
2/day—change size.
3/day—invisibility, quickened scorching ray, wall of fire
1/day—limited wish(for non genies), gaseous form, permanent image

The genie doesn't help the party fight, so the offensive SLAs are basically just to protect itself and for fluff. I'm just listing them here to give a clear picture. Also, the limited wish has a few caveats to weaken it, but it still mostly does what's on the tin.

Anyhow, so the PC can focus and state a command word as a standard action to call or dismiss the genie to and from home base (so long as she has the pendant, at least, for it to home in on). This is primarily to use limited wish for assistance with obstacles.

What command word would you use to call an alluring-and-dangerous draconic efreeti woman to perform acts of deus ex machina?

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Put these runes on the pendant:

↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A

I suppose a Limited Wish 1/day is like having a cheat code when you need it! That's a great idea, Gray.

Does anybody else have any ideas they want to pitch in?

Say "no u" to have the genie come do its best to do what the target just said to the target. :}

For a few serious ones...

The true name of the genie
I wish... (Even if the limited wish spell itself isn't properly used, and this might cause awesome mistakes if used in the presence of another wish-crafting species)
A physical command, such as rubbing a lamp or breaking a statue she reforms afterwards

Less seriously...
An adorable pet nickname, like flufferkins
A brief but verbose description of her form
Pu uoy evig annog reven!
"Yo D.M.! Little help down here?!!!"

"Does this thing still work?"
"The" Watch hilarity ensue
"Check out my hot friend"

I think google translate can help make something fun without being outright silly.

Although I'm certain it is not grammatically correct because it required a little tweaking, "Satis placet qum saccharo in vertice," would be translate's latin for pretty please with sugar on top!

These are all great ideas. How about this one: "Here comes the hotness!"?

Fire in the hole!

I usually only deal with Magic Items, (since I dislike Binding's associations), but like to make the Command Word relate to my most common intended use/tactic for it. Could this apply?

"Booooooooring ...," (she often livens things up, such as using Produce Flame + Pyrotechnics).
"Godmother"/"Godmama," (Limited Wish daily spam).

"I'm gonna regret this," (sees the Dragon/Genie hybrid as a bit of a problem-child).
"Go big or go home," (employs Change Size often).
"Code Red," (generic).
"This needs (more) dip," (Plane Shifts to retrieve some).

P.S.: As far as I am aware the Command Word does not have to be in Common, so you could pick a rare/ancient language and have it sound hilarious. My go-to is *Pterodactyl-like shriek*.

I've had some fun with command words. A wizard that I played use the name "Zam" (his real name was Charles) and the command word to activate one of his items was "Zam you magnificent bastard!" Nothing like hearing the fighter in your group scream that in the middle of the night... the item equipped his armor as a standard action.

Top suggestion: Just the genie's name. Casual conversation will summon her.

Slightly less fun: 'My love, my one, my darling, come to me <name>' Insist cuddling starts immediately and takes precedence over more serious matters. Occasionally show up with freshly made food that must be consumed immediately.

We have her image folks, courtesy of the GM https://i.pinimg.com/originals/08/85/af/0885afb35a03c868068af4196bead650.jp g

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The draconic efreeti is quite fine with the binding. It was offered alternatives. For reference, its 'master' is a mistress.


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This reminds me of my Spell Incantations thread.

Perhaps we could share ideas? :D

I do enjoy using incantations. My druid used Cyclic Reincarnation two days ago, and in casting it did a ceremonial dance before she pronounced "Èir a-rithist is ath-thilleadh! Rise and be reborn!"

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!

I wonder if we can set up some visually-based pun with the genie, like some clothes or a prop?

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