Is Sin Eater / Living Grimoire a viable build for a CG Inquisitor of Groetus?


A CG inquisitor of Groetus sounds like a ton of fun to play. I'll definitely take the Sin Eater archetype, but trying to decide if I should also take the Living Grimoire archetype.

On one hand, there's something aesthetically pleasing about killing people with an ironbound copy of the Book of the Last Moon. On the other hand, an archetype that loses Bane and Judgment and locks you into a low-damage light weapon sounds like it could be a real drag.

Is there any way to make Living Grimoire viable as a melee combatant? Or should I drop the archetype and use a better weapon?

Dr. Herby Covio is a big teddy bear figure, with a shaved head, a full beard, and a deep, friendly laugh. His favorite activity is killing people and eating their sins. After all, the more people that die, the faster the Last Days will arrive and transform the Material Plane into a new, more perfect realm of existence! And besides, why should people toil away in this miserable mortal coil, when a blissful afterlife could be mere moments away?

His knowledge of the divine realms is encyclopedic, an ability he always tries to leverage when convincing the goodfolk he meets that they'd be better off after he kills them. When this persuasion fails, he won't kill the unwilling, although he is perpetually perplexed as to why someone would choose to remain in this life rather than be transported to Shelyn's realm in Nirvana or the halls of Cayden Cailean in Elysium.

Dr. Herby is uniquely suited to delivering souls to happy afterlives, as Groetus has revealed to him the talent of obliviation, in which he can eat the sins of the dead and transform those sins into pure nothingness. Not only does this help deliver the lucky departed to a harmonious hereafter, but it also removes these misdeeds from the Akashic Record so that when the Portal of Incarnation crystallizes all essences into a purer form in the next Great Turning, the next world will be better for having these sins expunged. And it's also quite invigorating!

unless I'm missing something, the book's damage advances as you level up as per the sacred word ability.

Sacred Word wrote:
The inquisitor gains the benefits of the warpriest’s sacred weapon class ability, but the benefits apply only to his bonded holy book.

additionally, sacred word rolls the judgement and bane abilities into one so, you're not exactly completely giving them up. Granted, you do lose the versatility that the judgement ability normally gets.

This character strikes me as CE not CG.

Hilarious concept though.

LordKailas wrote:

unless I'm missing something, the book's damage advances as you level up

Correct. Just like a Warpriest's sacred weapon.

1st-4th 1d6
5th-9th 1d8
10th-14th 1d10
15th-19th 2d6
20th 2d8

The main problem with this archetype. (same problem with warpriest) is that once you declare the bonus/bane once.. its that way for the whole day
soooo you better choose damn well the first time the day

". As with the warpriest sacred weapon ability, he determines the enhancement bonus and special abilities the first time he uses the ability each day, and they cannot be changed until the next day."

I absolutely don't know why they felt the need to limit it. The normal inquistor doesn't. I don't think the scaling up damage dice is a problem for that.
Go figure...

I loved the archetype in general.. but I found that to be a problem myself. but my game typically has a big mix of things... so I often found myself annoyed at how limited it was. and how often the sub boss rota thing was so different from the actual boss. etc.
if you were mostly with one type though. no issue.

Other than that. I find the weapon just fine, and highly amusing.
Though one issue being... the whole 'its not normally a weapon" so some GMs will claim you can't find/buy/create/empower them outside of your ability.

Personally.. I know they make book plates. so I don't see why one couldn't buy an adamantine or silver bookplate. and I've never had a problem with the idea of people enchanting improvised weapons.
but I have had some GMs who argued about it..
and that book is a weapon for you. but not for anyone else..
soo be aware of what your GM thinks

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