The rocket bulette. AKA help me go fast and crash through things


I really love the looks of bulette style But until now I've not had a good concept for it. I want to take a bit of a flavor driven approach but I need some help putting it all together.

The backstory is that Ulrich is conceived when his mother gets lost in a thunderstorm. So he is a loud and huge guy that has some storm powers. Here is what I have so far:

Human, level 6
Strength 16
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Inteligence 8
Wisdom 12
Charisma 10

Fighter 1 - Power Attack, Improved Overrun, Bulette Charge Style
Fighter 2 - Bulette Leap
Fighter 3 - Bulette Rampage, armor training
Barbarian 1 - +10 speed
Barbarian 2 - Spiked Destroyer, rage power(Lizard Stride)
Cleric 1 - Domains (travel, Desert)

So the highlights are that he will have a 60ft base speed in a breastplate with longstrider up. He will be able to run on water for 8 rounds a day and will be able to gain blur from the desert domain, which I will flavor as a mini-thunderstorm.

with [url] 0of%20Vaulting]Boots of Vaulting[/url] he will have a hefty +33 bonus to jump; which means he can leap ~11 feet from a stand-still.

I am not that happy about having to house-rule the desert-domain to work on a cleric and taking the BaB hit sucks. I've looked in a bunch of places for elemental themed powers on a martial chassis but its hard to find. I am thinking of going into Hellknight instead of the cleric level for being able to move full speed in full-plate and gain the travel domain, but then I have no elemental powers :(

I am not married to anything except the 3 fighter levels, since I need armor training and 5 feats

TL;DR I need help finding:
• Something that gives lightning or sonic damage or is storm themed
• At least 2 uses per day, preferably more
• Can't sacrifice speed
• full BaB
• 3rd party stuff is ok, but ideally no new subsystems (aka no Spheres of Power :( )
• Online by level 6

Air elemental bloodrager? Full BAB, fast movement, 3/day add 1d6 lightning damage to attack

Bloodrager is nice, but it does not play well with Spiked Destroyer which already eats my swift action to make an extra attack.

Kineticist vmc can put powers on any class if you'd like.

A bit expensive, but enchant the Armor Spikes to +1 Thundering?

Also instead of human, how about a Suli? You get your elemental damage for level rounds per day, and the ability can be improved via racial feats.

I realized after posting that I can't find vmc kineticist anywhere. Either it was a Homebrew I was deep into working on somewhere in the forums or it's a 3pp I read ages ago and can't recall where. Probably the later, probably kineticists of Porphyria or Legendary Kineticists.

As such, barring 3pp, vmc sorcerer or oracle could pull it off with the right choices.

I highly recommend taking both siegebreaker and brawler archetypes on your fighter levels. You lose your free feats, but get irreplaceable benefits to your overrun.

I know you want full bab, but you really want to grab 1 level of Master of Many styles/Windstep master. Maybe your DM is cool with an unchained monk archetyping, but either way this ends up being worth it so you can take the dragon style chain along with your bulette style so that your vicious stomp feat is doing 1.5xstrength when you overrun people. Right, and you want vicious stomp eventually.

Windstep is a sleeper for when you get vicious stomp, once you've ended your overrun and knocked someone down then taken your vicious stomp attack, you punch them when they try to standup triggering hurricane punch giving you a free bullrush which gives you a free overrun and some free movement.

1-F1: Power Attack, improved Overrun, breaker rush, close control
2-F2: Breaker Momentum, close combatant
3-M1: Hurricane Punch, Bulette Style, Bulette Leap

At this point, we need 3 levels of reliquarian occultist. Take transmutation and abjuration as your 1st and 2nd level implement schools. With a sword and shield this gives you full BAB from occultist levels through trappings of the warrior. Take sudden speed as your transmutation focus power for a 30 foot move speed increase for 1 minute as a swift action. You'll also have access to enlarge self, long strider, and shield.

4-O1: Travel Domain
5-O2: Combat Reflexes

BAB 5 Fort 8 Reflex 3 Will 5 HP 2d10 4D8

If you're using fractional advancement, then you can get by with only one level of occultist and instead grab two more levels of fighter.

4-O1: Travel Domain, Sudden Speed, Enlarge, Long strider
5-F3: Combat Reflexes
6-F4: Vicious Stomp

BAB 5 Fort 4 Reflex 4 Will

There's some room to mess around with it, but this should be a good start.

Man, that Hurricane Punch seems real exciting. Thinking about it, If I go Siege-breaker then I don't really need to take Bulette style at all; at least not immediately. Bulette style focuses on overruning many foes, while siegebreaker can let me hit the same target many many times.

Here is an amusing approach:

1-1-F1: Power Attack, improved Overrun, breaker rush, close control
2-F2: Breaker Momentum, close combatant
3-M1: Hurricane Punch, Combat Reflexes
5-??: Vicious Stomp
7-??: greater overrun

At level 7 I could bull-rush someone, get a free overrun, trip them, get two AoOs (from greater overrun and vicious stomp), hit them twice, bullrush them, get another free overrun and then hit them with a great-sword when that provokes. That would give a total of 4d6+12+6.5*Str damage. Gives it a very "thousand cuts" flavor. And this is all on a standard action. Pounce aint got nothing on that.

Sadly, I don't think that you can use Hurricane Punch on an AoO since it takes a swift action :(

The Reliquarian is a brilliant find though. When I was looking for domains, I did not notice the speed-boost focus power; and its untyped too so it stacks with both longstrider and expeditious retreat. Hello 110ft move speed :o I even kind of like the flavor of the focus relic. My character could have a little memento of the storm that is his papa, giving him a nice story hook.

True about the swift action thing. It would work if the target had provoked before your turn in the round though. Sort of a silly distinction, but that's the rules. It's unfortunate that breaker rush doesn't call out a specific weapon or item as the source of the attack despite connecting it to weapon or armor enhancement bonuses.

You should probably try to work shield slam into the build as well. Getting free bull rushes on your shield bash should get you one or two more chains going. It's a 3 feat investment though. Taking two levels of brawler would get you two weapon fighting, an extra combat feat and martial flexibility that could be used on shield slam. I think that's as fast as you can get that going.

I think that's as crazy as it gets though.

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