[Gameday VII][Session 1] GM Zoomba's Through Maelstrom Rift


Even the limitless Plane of Air is at risk of eldritch instability, and a cult dedicated to the planes' integrity has sensed an imminent calamity brewing deep within a primal storm. In this special adventure, the players portray a diverse coalition of elemental guardians that must embark on perilous journey into the maelstrom’s heart and avert a disaster that threatens the Inner Sphere.

Hello all! Have you ever felt adventuring on Golarion is just too... well, grounded? Well then you're in luck! I'm looking for six adventurers who have what it takes to venture beyond the Material Plane to delve into an unfamiliar situation - and in unfamiliar forms.

This is a scenario for level 6 characters, in which each of you will get to play a very special role: that of an elemental! (or in one case a dragon). Specific pre-gens are provided, so don't worry about fiddling with your own stats for this one.

We'll be kicking off for the second session of the upcoming Play-by-Post Gameday: on August 13th.

If you're interested, feel free to post below, with the following information:

Player Name
Character Name

Scarab Sages

Player Name: Zin Z'arin
Character Name: Robyyn
PFS ID#: 192785-05
Faction: Scarab Sages
Race/Class/Level: Sylph Witch 3

Scarab Sages

Currently at the 3 sign-up limit, but come July 1st, I'll be back if there is space!

Dark Archive

Player Name: Beatrice
Character Name: Piety Angelbane
PFS ID#: 123480-6
Faction: Dark Archive
Race/Class/Level: Tiefling Witch 5

Dark Archive

Player Name : EwokBanshee
Character Name : Barbo Beezle
PFS ID# :240237-7
Faction : Dark Archives
Race/Class/Level: Wizard 6

Looks like a fun game!

Are you doing a lottery or are you picking the first 6?

Grand Lodge

Player Name: Greenclaw
Character Name: Zyneste Daiku
PFS ID#: 74677-4
Faction: Grand Lodge
Race/Class/Level: Human Monk (Zen Archer) 6

Scarab Sages

Player Name: noral
Character Name: Setare Katsu
PFS ID#: 314670-3
Faction: Scarab Sages
Race/Class/Level: Kitsune, Swashbuckler, 1

It will likely be first 6 Barbo, which would make the group:


and Merrick, assuming he's still interested!

Now, as mentioned above, for this scenario you'll each be playing as a specific elemental pre-gen. Please let me know your first, second, and third choices from the below - I'll try to work everyone's preferences as best I can and randomly roll in cases of dispute:

* The Torrent - mephit hyrdokineticit
* The Volcano - thoqqua (fire worm) barbarian
* The Storm - sylph storm druid
* The Avalanche - oread inquisitor (of Ayrzul)
* The Genie - Janni aristocrat
* The Chronicler - pyrausta (diminuative dragon) bard

Scarab Sages


I would like to play the chronicler. ;-)

Scarab Sages

Gm, by the way: Merrick told me that he is not sure if he will join. You should PM him to make sure.


Scarab Sages

I did tell noral that I thought I was overcommitted with other game day games at this point, but now I see that character list and it's hard to say no! I wouldn't take the spot if there was someone else interested, but if the spots still there, I'd like to participate.

I know the dragon will be popular, so I won't even try for it:
1st choice= The Avalanche
2nd/3rd choice = The Storm or The Genie

Player Name: Bristor
Character Name: Harlan
PFS ID#: 57774-9
Faction: Grand Lodge
Human Investigator/Gunslinger (Bolt Ace) 6

Scarab Sages

Great! ;-)

Grand Lodge

1st choice: The Torrent
2nd choice: The Volcano
3rd choice: The Genie

Scarab Sages

I will have my profile ready on Monday.

Dark Archive

1. * The Storm - sylph storm druid
2. * The Volcano - thoqqua (fire worm) barbarian
3. * The Avalanche - oread inquisitor (of Ayrzul)

I'm so excited! This game looks like a ton of fun!

Scarab Sages

The Storm
The Genie
The Chronicler

I'm very excited for this one! Thanks for offering the game!

Dark Archive

1st Volcano
2nd Storm
3rd Chronicler

or whatever nobody else wants/is left

So, we have:

Robyn - The Genie
Piety - The Volcano
Barbo - The Storm
Zyneste - The Torrent
Seatre - The Chronicler
Merrick - The Avalanche

Take a look at your sheets above. We'll kick off later this afternoon!

Thanks GM Zoomba! I will actually be giving this credit to a different character. (Forgot Barbo was playing.)

Player Name : EwokBanshee
Character Name : Lumo Seme
PFS ID# :240237-3
Faction : Silver Crusade
Race/Class/Level: Cleric (Holding for 6)

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