Does a feat gained via Slayer talent count as a Slayer class ability?

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This question may have been previously addressed, but if so I haven't seen it.

A slayer's studied target bonus increases the DCs of slayer class abilities by one for each point of bonus. I feel safe in assuming that slayer talents with DCs (e.g., Assassinate) count as class abilities, but what about combat feats gained via slayer talents that also have associated save DCs (e.g., Blinding Critical)?


The class ability is the Slayer Talent, which doesn't have a DC.What that slayer talent does is grant you a feat. The property of being a slayer class ability doesn't somehow transfer to the feat.

Hm. Okay, I can see that yours may be the correct interpretation. Just checking, though: would you ALSO say that the Endurance feat and the combat style feats that rangers get outside the normal odd level feat progression (or Scribe Scroll for wizards or Eschew Components for sorcerers) do not count as class abilities? I was under the impression that the extra fighter feats WERE the greater part of a fighter's class abilities.

The gaining of the feat would be a class ability, more than the feat itself being one.

Wouldn't that same logic imply that individual talents themselves do not count as class abilities, despite the fact that--at least in some cases--only slayers may take them?

Not really.

If the class gives you a feat, that's all it's doing. The class ability is to give a feat. The feat stands alone as a feat.

I guess I wasn't clear in my last question. If we replaced the word "feat" with "talent" in your last post, why would that not be true?

The class ability would be something like the Zen Archer's "Way of the Bow" class feature. The class ability is "Way of the Bow", but all it does it grant you some feats. The feats aren't a class feature.

Way of the Bow and Slayer Talents are both class abilities. But a slayer talent that grants a feats doesn't make that feat a class ability.

Alternatively, the Assassinate slayer talent is a class ability. And studied target would increase that DC.

Feats gained by Slayer Talents do not have their DC's increased by Studied Target.

Slayer Talents and other class abilities that have DC's associated with them would though. Assassinate, Slayer's Mercy, Master Slayer, etc. are all considered class abilities that would be affected by the increased DC from Studied Target.

I don't think it's all that clear either. The scaled fist monk archetype calls out feats as being treated like monk abilities though, so you may need that specific call out for it to function like that. Or scaled monk is clarifying a general rule, I'm not sure.

+1 to "not a slayer class ability". A feat's a feat however you get it unless the means of getting it specifically modifies it.

Then what about the Rogue Talent option? Would the slayer's bonus apply to something like Demand Attention gained through the Rogue Talent slayer talent? Using the same logic for feats not applying, then the rogue talents wouldn't apply either, as the talent is just giving you another talent, and not itself giving a bonus.

Yes Melkiador, I would agree that using Rogue's Talent to select a feat would mean that the feat would not be modified by Studied Target.

However, it appears that Demand Attention is an extraordinary ability.

Though it technically comes from another classes chassis, I would say that the intention is for it to be a class ability much like Assassinate would be a class ability.

The difference is being granted a feat vs being granted an ability.

Feats are abilities though.

CRB wrote:
Some abilities are not tied to your race, class, or skill—things like particularly quick reflexes that allow you to react to danger more swiftly, the ability to craft magic items, the training to deliver powerful strikes with melee weapons, or the knack for deflecting arrows fired at you. These abilities are represented as feats.

It’s just that feats aren’t class abilities. Missed an edit from outage.

Right, it's an ability, but not a class ability.

If anything your argument only says that Demand Attention, it's part of the Slayer class so it wouldn't gain the benefit. However, I doubt that is the intention since Slayer was designed to pick up both Ranger and Rogue class abilities.

However, in the strictest interpretation abilities gained from Rogue Talent would never qualify, but again I highly doubt that's the intention.

What is your support that a feat is a class ability?

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From the Character Advancement portion of the basic book we have this line.

Third, integrate all of the level's class abilities and then roll for additional hit points. Finally, add new skills and feats.

This shows that feats aren't considered part of class abilities. However, there's room for interpretation as feats may be referring to the exclusively character level based feats.

For more clarification we have this line.

Core Rule Book wrote:
The exception to this is class abilities, most of which are based on the total number of class levels that a character possesses of that particular class.

From this I think it's safe to say that if the DC, uses, or some other facet of a feat is derived from your class level rather than character level, it should be considered a class ability.

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