[PFS] PbP GameDay VII: Citadel of Flame


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PBP Game Day sign up.

Game will start On or about 13 Aug 2018

I'll play with TBD level 2.

I have a Level 2 Brawler (Jerrid T'Clur) that I can take.

Grand Lodge

I will like to play with level 1 Bloodrager

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Just a quick administrative update.

I will finalize the play list end of July. So feel free to start queuing up.

The Blurb:

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 5th level characters (Tiers: 1–2 and 4–5).

Once the home to a cult preaching self-sacrifice by immolation in order to achieve paradise, the Citadel of Flame in Qadira's Meraz Desert was presumably wiped out decades ago after Sarenrae dervishes led a crusade to end its morbid message. An enormous sandstorm swallowed both the citadel and the army attacking it, burying both beneath hundreds of feet of sand. Thought lost forever, the citadel's rediscovery prompts the Pathfinder Society to send you deep in the unforgiving Meraz to finally close the book on Qadira's most mysterious cult.

Reporting in with level 2 Kitsune sorceress!

Liberty's Edge

Checking in with Mar Leigh, L3 Ifrit Skald.

Grand Lodge

Stepping quietly out of the shadows, the diminutive wayang twirls a dagger in his hand before concealing it somewhere.

“L’Mont Penumberton here. Figured I might as well take a chance and volunteer.”

The wayang bares his teeth in an unsuccessful attempt at a disarming grin, then disappears into the shadows once again.

L’Mont is an unrogue (shadow walker). This will be my first time playing him at level 2 - I have a little tweaking left to do while I can still use the rebuild rules, but he’s basically done and will be all set well before the Gameday.

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Looks Like there are 6 here, looking to be low tier. I will take a few extras for a wait list.

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Ok if everyone could pop over to the discussion and do your character Check in


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So I have the following:

-- Abraham Z : TBD 2
-- Banesma : 2 Brawler (Jerrid T'Clur)
-- Neodam : 1 Bloodrager (Asgall Berdeer )
-- Helikon : 2 Kitsune sorceress
-- Xanthos : 3 Ifrit Skald (Mar Leigh)
-- Tusk the Half-Orc: 2 Shadow Walker (L'Mont Penumberton)

Please checkin on the discussion tab


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