Announcing Play-by-Post Gameday VII, starting August 13, 2018!!

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Grand Lodge 5/5 5/55/55/5 Venture-Captain, Online—PbP aka Hmm

Seven is fine if you're table is okay with it, and if everyone posts promptly.


Apologies if this is a really basic question, but I don't get the boons.

I had a player roll a 19, snagging a boon. He rolled 1d4 and got a 3.

Is there a list of boons that line up dice rolls with the boons? Or do they just line up with Reporting list going top to bottom? So 3 would be Traveler in an Unstable Timeline?

Also, is the boon its own Chronicle Sheet? How do I 'order' one? Or should I just cut/paste the text from that Boon List I saw a link to earlier in this thread?

Thanks for the help!

Grand Lodge 5/5 Venture-Captain, Arizona—Phoenix aka TriOmegaZero

Report the boon number along with the players email address. They will receive it from the organizers.

Aha! Perfect, thank you!

Since my earlier question was answered so quickly...

What are those 'Success Conditions ABCD?' Do I ignore those unless they are mentioned specifically in the module? I didn't see anything about them in Wrath of the Fleshwarped Queen. A quick check of the Paizo boards indicates that these are sometimes used, but only when specifically called out? Just wanted to make sure before leaving them blank.

Grand Lodge 5/5 5/55/55/5 Venture-Captain, Online—PbP aka Hmm

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Ooh, great question! Take a look at the end of the scenario. Are there reporting notes listed?

(Because I have that scenario, I checked, and there are no reporting conditions for Wrath of the Fleshwarped Queen. So for this scenario, you can ignore ABCD.)

Often scenarios will have Reporting Notes listed. Here's a sample from the upcoming Starfinder Scenario 3-14, Strawberry Machine Cake and Pi.

Strawberry Machine Cake and Pi wrote:
If the PCs managed to defeat the nanobot bakers and enclose them in their own pi crust, check box A. If they decided to tempt John Compton's wrath by decanting the head of Drandle Dreng from its jar, check box B. If they managed to do this without John Compton being made aware, check box C. If Thurston Hillman survived the punk & drunk game, check box D.

What are these reporting notes? They are a way allowing player choices to shape the future of the campaign! Our Org play team mines them to find out what happened in given scenarios, and they build future stories off our choices!

Cool! Yeah, I see those now in one of the other games I'm running. Thanks!


Sorry if this has already been answered but while using the reporting link (, how do I report fame for the SFS Manifold Host faction?

Grand Lodge 5/5 5/55/55/5 Venture-Captain, Online—PbP aka Hmm

You use the notes field for now! I'll remind Jesse that the form needs updating.

Thanks for the question, Big Boom!



Gotcha! Thank you!


My games registered for Gameday is taking a bit longer than expected. Do the players still get to roll for boons and do I still report for Gameday VII if we don't finish before Nov. 12? Not sure if this was answered already, didn't see anything as I scanned over it. This is my first time doing this.

Grand Lodge 5/5 5/55/55/5 Venture-Captain, Online—PbP aka Hmm

GM Hmm wrote:

There were lots of GM emails posted for Play-by-Post Gameday over the course of the Paizo blackout.

Here is the single most important message that I posted:

Hmm wrote:


Session One specials begin again on 8/24. They end 10/4.

Session Two (including the Session Two special) begins on 10/6.

The entire PBP Gameday ends on 11/20.

If you think that any other of my GM emails should be posted here, let me know.

It's good to be back!


Excellent question!

Will you be able to finish by the 20th?

I'll be sending out an all GM email in the next couple days explaining what to do if your table is late on our extension.


Grand Lodge 5/5 5/55/55/5 Venture-Captain, Online—PbP aka Hmm

Hello Awesome GMs!

Many of you have either finished or are getting to the last portions of your games. This is a reminder that you all have until our extended deadline of November 19th to roll for your boons, and report your game to us.

I hope that most of you are moving into the closing acts of your scenarios.

★--- ★ --- ★ --- ★

Q: But Hilary, what if my game does not finish by November 19th?
A: Report your game anyway. Help us get our statistics and close out the gameday on time. You can then finish your game and give it the time it needs to close. Remember that games usually progress even more slowly in the holiday season, so get as much done now as you can.

Q: What if a PC dies after I report my game?
A: Should something happen (ie player character deaths) that requires a change in reporting, reply back to your automated reporting email and let us know!

Q: Hilary, what if I need help finishing my game? Real life is beating me up, and I don't think I can take my game to the end.
A: Real life happens to us all. If you're on Paizo forums, go to Flaxseed Lodge and seek out a replacement GM for your group. If you're on Roll for Combat, please ask Ronnam, GM Stephen or other helpful mods for help. If you're on another forum, please contact your local VA..

Q: Hilary, how long will it take for our games to get reported to Paizo? Y'all are slow pokes!
A: We're reporting them in batches as they come in, and are almost caught up at this point. At the close of the gameday, we expect to get deluged in reporting. Be patient, we will report it all. We promise!

Q: Hilary, can I start a new game right now for PBP Gameday VII?
A: Nope, you don't have time to finish. Start up your game independent of our convention, and have a great time with it!

Q: Hilary, how do I report my game?
A: Use our handy-dandy form, linked below!

★--- ★ --- ★ --- ★

EVENT #686641
Main Listing:
Reporting Link:
When: August 13, 2018-November 19th, 2018

★--- ★ --- ★ --- ★


Tell us what GM boon you earned: Ganzi (PFS), Ferran / Woikio (SFS), or ACG in the note field when you report your game!

ROLLING for Player Boons
Everyone rolls a D20. A 19-20 wins.

Collect the emails of any winners. If a player wins a boon, be sure to include their email address when reporting, so HQ can send it to them. (If you can't find someone's email, note it in comment field, and then send us an update by replying to your automated email when you have the information.)

If PFS - Roll a D4 to determine the boon
If SFS - Roll a D2 to determine the boon
If ACG - Winner choice.

Report boons won in the drop-down menu. They are listed in order. 1 = the first boon in the drop down for your campaign, 2 = the second boon, etc.

★--- ★ --- ★ --- ★

That’s it! Thanks for being awesome GMs. Our conventions could not run without your joy and enthusiasm. You all rock.

Happy Gaming!!!


PS I know I said November 20th, above, but aiming for the 19th is a great goal!

Grand Lodge 5/5 5/55/55/5 Venture-Captain, Online—PbP aka Hmm

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That's a wrap, Thank you all!



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Thanks, organizers & GMs. Much fun was had!


Yes, had a great time! I do have a question though; it looks like my second table for Twisted Circle isn't showing up on my GM Sessions. I'm not sure if that's because I didn't indicate a character to take credit (which it's my second time running the scenario so I didn't take a GM chronicle) or just a hiccup in reporting.

Grand Lodge 2/5

That reminds me, I won a mining laser boon during Session 1, but haven't seen anything in email yet. Have those gone out?

Grand Lodge 5/5 5/55/55/5 Venture-Captain, Online—PbP aka Hmm

We're looking into this, Nomadical.



Just a note that I received an answer on my own query from Redelia via our Discord server and know that it should just be a matter of waiting a little bit longer. Thanks again, Redelia :)

4/5 5/5

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Most boons have been send out. The few not send might have been missed, or I don’t have an e-mail adress of the winner.

If you have won a boon and did not receive it yet please send me a mail at magabeus at orgplayonline dot com. Please include your pfsnumber and a link to the post in which boon rolls where made.

We are working on reporting the final games, I expect that we will finish that within the next 7 days.


Sent you an email.
Have received one player boon to date (just this morning).
Still missing the GM boon, and 2 other player boons.

Grand Lodge 2/5

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The issue with my missing Boon has been resolved speedily and satisfactorily. Thanks to all of you for running, managing and coordinating this whole shebang.

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