[SPOILERS] Skitter Shot Sound effects.


Starfinder Superscriber

For anyone wanting to run Skitter Shot, I made audio for the announcements from the ship and the robots.


(That's a drive link)


These were great, but do you have versions without as much reverb and echoing? it's easy enough to hear in a quiet area or with headphones, but in a crowded game store it was difficult for the players to understand what was being said. I have a friend wanting to run this for a few people this weekend

Starfinder Superscriber

I don't, the reverb and echoes were intentionally added and I didn't think to save the project at various points to be able to re-do the sounds (I was an idiot and destroyed the project after exporting the mp3s).

There were some made by other people on the pfsprep site that I believe had no reverb, though.

Prep for Skitter Shot

Hope that helps.

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