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I purchased a Humble Bundle a while back, and I'm finally ready to download the assets. They are listed on my account, but so far I've only been able to download the core rulebook.

I've got about 35 PDF eBooks I want to download, and I'm stuck on "Personalizing... Click link again in 60 seconds to download" for the few that I've selected to start with for the last hour or more. I'm also noticing that the "matomo" host is very slow to respond. (my browser is waiting on responses from that hostname while operating the site)

Is there any way this personalization process can be triggered for all of my downloads, from the backend? Doing this manually, even if things weren't stuck, is going to be... tedious.

If I'm not mistaken, this is the process that renders my identification watermark into the documents. I'm not asking that this be skipped, to be clear, just that I'd *love* it if I could come back tomorrow and find they have all been rendered and are ready to download :)

If this is possible, I'd only want this done for the "Single File" variants. If I should ever need the other variations, I won't mind grabbing them as-needed.

Paizo Employee Web Product Manager

Heya! We recently pushed through fixes for Matomo that should no longer be presenting this behavior. If you're continuing to experience issues with your downloads, please let us know.

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