Interim Modules Between Harrowstone and Trial

Carrion Crown

I'm looking to go a little off script for my players to have a bit of fun, I want to throw in a short module between Haunting of Harrowstone and Trial of the Beast. I was wondering if there were any lvl 3 modules that someone would suggest throwing in there?

a little late but "The Midnight Mirror" is a great fit. Fetchlings and the Shadowy stuff gives me a Ravenloft vibe, kind of perfect for Ustalav.

The Midnight Mirror

Carrion Hill is a 5th level module, it shouldn't be too hard to scale it back and place it in your players path. It will also be a nice early setup for the fourth module, and may make the player's appreciate it a lot more.

Alternatively, 2 years in my players are finding the constant "darker" themes a bit daunting, so maybe go the opposite direction and find something with more levity.

Carrion Hill has been updated by a forum poster to be used before Wake when the PCs are in the area.
Carrion Hill Updated.

Carrion Hill is awesome regardless. IMC, I'm going to run an abbreviated Midnight Mirror after Harrowstone, and Carrion Hill as updated by Brodyz in the above link.

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