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I'm a little but confused on this one. I am a Ninja with an 8INT, I have a UMD of +14. How would I figure out what I need to activate a level 2 wizard spell for example.

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If it's a wand, then it has a flat DC 20 UMD check.

If it's a scroll it's a bit more complicated. First there's a UMD check with DC = 20+caster level. A typical 2nd level wizard scroll will have CL 3, so the DC will be 23. Next you must meet the requisite ability score modifier, which in this case is 12. Since almost all wizard spells are also sorcerer spells, you can use either intelligence or charisma. If your charisma score is high enough then you don't need to make further checks. If not, you must make a check of DC 27 (15 + the score you need) to emulate the ability score.

Great thank you! I forgot to write it was for scrolls, thanks. My charisma is 14 so that's perfect.

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