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Sounds like the bard is singing about the rest of his adventuring group;)

Anything Alchemist.

I was a bit hazy on playing PF. My first character run was a Paladin and that game ended poorly for me(Oddly not due to Paladin debates).

Alchemist I had a lot of fun and finally got me into PF proper. So it's my safety class I suppose, always pick it when I have no idea what to bring.

PF2 Alchemist; I want to see if it'll continue to be my go to and to play with the changes to Alchemy and Poisons.


Another idea I had was actually from an NPC I threw at my party in a game of Peasants versus Adventurers (A Pathfinder One Off I do when I'm bored and lacking ideas, basically the party are all NPC classes and build using NPC points and gold, it gets really fun) In essence it was a Rogue who was Chaotic Neutral in the manner of they saw no use for the law, after all what had the law done for them? all it ever did was let their abusers get away with everything. So she has a dislike for all authority because it only ever helps itself, original concept was Chaotic Evil with the intent on overthrowing the kingdom setting and making it a meritocracy.

Actual build is Human Urchin Rogue with lots of skills.

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Human Fighter. You gotta stay classy and start from the begining ;-P

The Shield interactions and new Action Based abilities also look great.

I have to say, I'd also go with a fighter (sword and shield primarily). This was a playstyle that really disappointed me in PF1, and it looks to me like Paizo might have, through a variety of rules changes, made it much more interesting and viable.

Racewise, I always always go with human, just because it's a good default, but I think I might go for an elf in this case. I can think of a few nice uses for that extra move speed, especially when coupled with feats like Sudden Charge (if I remember the name correctly).

I'd also be very interested in cleric, rogue, and wizard (in that order), but the first would be an elf sword and board fighter.

In the wake of the Monk preview....

I'd change my planned character to my typical Human Monk, going for 16s across STR/DEX/WIS, which should nicely allow me to pick and choose from whichever Background I feel is most appropriate at the time of creation.

There were a lot of big changes to Monk, so I want to see how that feels compared to the frustration of low-mid levels back with the 1E CRB Monk.

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I've got many different builds I'm planning on running during the playtest, because there are many things I'm planning on stress-testing. Among them:

1) Battle-Cleric of Shelyn, wielding her Favored Glaive, to see how well a caster wielding a two-hander actually works.
2) (Slightly modified for personal issues) Paladin. Gotta stress-test the Paladin, see what works and what doesn't for the hopefully eventual CG version.
3) Short-Sword-n-Heavy-Board, probably Human for thematics, maybe Barbarian depending on how Giant Totem works because I want a Large shield if possible. Going for that Spartan theme, with the Shield as the main weapon.
4) Sorcerer, gotta see how Spont casting works because Spont casting is my preferred casting.
5) Strength-based Elf Monk, preferably with Ki. First goal: Testing how survivable Strength Monk is. Second goal: I call it the Megaton Punch build, mechanically normal but all attacks for the round are flavored as one hella big punch. Third goal: Since Monks are fast, might as well pump in all the speed and be the Flash while I'm at it.

For those not otherwise stated, race will *probably* be Human or Half-Elf, Human because easy to generalize, Half-Elf because also easy to generalize and also my preferred Core race. Might throw in a Dwarf or Gnome here and there too, depending.

Fortunately it's been mentioned somewhere that there are points in the Playtest where it actually asks you to bring in new characters, so at least a couple of these can reasonably be run in the same test. *Probably* gonna do the Monk first, since low-level survivability is one of the biggest testing points with it.

Liberty's Edge

I want to play a melee martial who dumps STR. I will need to read the entire playtest book to optimize the build as much as possible :-D

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The Raven Black wrote:
I want to play a melee martial who dumps STR. I will need to read the entire playtest book to optimize the build as much as possible :-D

Your first step will probably be Rogue, if not as a core class at least as a multiclass. I've heard something about them getting Dex-to-Damage early (possibly even at 1? Can't remember exactly) and that being unique to them.

Human healing and buffing cleric of... well, not Milani because she won't be an option as far as I can tell, so probably Cayden.

Elven archer (ranger I assume, but no preview blog yet) and wilderness specialist.

Human librarian/knowledge monkey bard.

Those are my three go-to characters in multiple games, and I want to see how I can put a PF2 twist on them.

Silver Crusade

Let's do another.

Ancestry: 1d8 ⇒ 3 Gnome
Background: 1d19 ⇒ 9 Gladiator
Class: 1d12 ⇒ 7 Monk

I've got a background idea for it, but don't have time at work. I'll have to work on it later.

Typically, I start any new system with a Human Ranger concept.

I like gish builds, so (multiclass and archetypes permitting) I would be looking at sorcerer/fighter.

I also want to see how the alchemical items/poison scaling works, so alchemists is an obvious choice if i don't think I can make a viable gish.

Liberty's Edge

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Thanks to a blog post that really resonated with me, I now want to recreate my PFS character that mostly went by thanks to an immoderate use of wands and other consumables

He was fun to play and had a wide variety of possible actions even if he had neither good damage output nor any mastery of the mystical arts :-P

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