Which actors would play Starfinder's iconic characters?

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After listening to The Glass Cannon Network's podcasts, I started wondering what actors I'd choose to portray the various iconics, and I'm interested in what other people think.

I'm sure folks will have other ideas, but I'll kick things off:

Altronus, Kasatha Solarion: CGI voiced by Rob Paulsen
Iseph, Android Operative: Tilda Swinton
Keskodai, Shirren Mystic: CGI voiced by Rufus Sewell
Navasi, Human Envoy: Alex Rice
Obozaya, Vesk Soldier: CGI voiced by Mischa Barton
Quig, Ysoki Mechanic: CGI voiced by Steve Buscemi
Raia, Lashunta Technomancer: Leslie-Ann Brandt

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Starfinder Superscriber

Altronus, Kasatha Solarion: CGI/Practical by Doug Jones
Iseph, Android Operative: Tilda Swinton (Seriously, is there another answer to this?)
Keskodai, Shirren Mystic: CGI Voiced by Dame Judy Dench
Navasi, Human Envoy: Chloe Bennet
Obozaya, Vesk Solarion: CGI Voiced by Jane Lynch
Quig, Ysoki Mechanic: CGI/Practical voiced by Steve Buscemi, Physical by Sean Gunn.
Raia, Lashunta Technomancer: Mila Kunis (though, Elizabeth Olsen would also work)

Liberty's Edge Contributor

Oooh. I like the choice of Doug Jones for Altronus.

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Yeah, that dude is a genius in a body suit and 11 hours of makeup. I don't fathom how he does it, but I've never not been impressed by his work.

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Altronus, Kasatha Solarian: Voiced by Idris Elba
Iseph, Android Operative: Cara Delevigne
Keskodai, Shirren Mystic: Voiced by Tony Shaloub
Navasi, Human Envoy: Ali Wong, to hopefully inject some edgy humor into the character.
Obozaya, Vesk Soldier: Voiced by Shohreh Aghdashloo
Quit, Ysoki Mechanic: Brad Williams
Raia, Lashunta Technomancer: Olivia Thirlby

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Altronus, Kasatha Solarion: Doug Jones, no question.

Iseph, Android Operative: Eugene Brave Rock

Keskodai, Shirren Mystic: Voiced by Gael García Bernal

Navasi, Human Envoy: Gong Li (check out The Emperor and the Assassin for why...)

Obozaya, Vesk Soldier: Voiced by Danai Gurira (I admit, this is mostly
based on General Okoye, but... that's actually not a terrible comparison)

Quig, Ysoki Mechanic: Voiced by Mos Def ('cause he's hilarious, and it's a conscious effort to NOT get someone who sounds like Bradley Cooper to voice the pyromaniac anthropomorphized animal)

Raia, Lashunta Technomancer: Anya Taylor-Joy

Iseph, Android Operative: Jason Statham
Quig, Ysoki Mechanic: Alan Tudyk (voice)

The rest I'll need to think about

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