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If you were selected to play in this campaign, please review the build rules and communicate with your table to make a working party. Make sure you play what you want, not what others want you to play. I hope to start the game as soon as everyone is squared away with their character builds and ready to step into the setting.

We will be using google draw and this campaign forums with occasional links to media sources.

Please read the players guide you can download for free from Paizo

Taldor region you will be starting in is only a point of origin or meeting of characters.

Your characters will start in a small village called Heldren. This is located near the Border Woods between Zimar and Demgazi within Taldor (South East of Oppara). This area is mostly known for logging, hunting and travel. There is no Inn, people usually pass by and some stop to get their horses reshoed. So if you don’t live in town, you are probably just passing by and stopped at the tavern for food or drink.

Take note that this region is no where near a snowy region and it is currently mid summer. Taldor is close to the equator and so it's pretty hot around this time of year and you probably will be dressed/equipped accordingly. So if you’re from the area, you’re actually not familiar with the wintery seasons, since they usually don’t get snow in these parts.

You can be living there, visiting or passing through. We will establish your characters placement in the world before we start the clock on game day. The adventure will start in the Tavern, mid day (if you’re outsider). If you are a local of Heldren, you can be anywhere “in” town at the aventure start and Teppen will come find you. Go ahead and use all this information given including the google link below to build your characters reason for in this area, this particular hamlet. Your characters do not need to know each other but can if you so desire.

Here is Heldren

Your game will start in the Year 4713 AR on Oathday, 17th Earstus at 12:00 pm - current moon cycle: new moon

Reign of Winter Play by Post Build Rules

  • Starting at LVL 1
  • Starting MAX gold
  • 2 Traits, no drawbacks (1 trait must be a trait from the Reign of Winter player's guide)
  • Max starting health for your classes HD
  • All Races 16 or lower RP (I encourage exotic races, the book does too! You will be going to many exotic places)
  • All classes are allowed except for 3rd party, Mythic, Occult or Vigilante.
  • No Evil alignments
  • 20 point buy for stats
  • We are using Unchained Background Skills & Alternate Crafting and Profession Rules
  • We are not using Pathfinder Society Rules, Hero Points, Words of Power, Ultimate Combat Armor/DR, Called Shots, Piecemeal Armor, Wounds or Vigor.
  • We are not using Unchained Gameplay, Stamina and Combat Tricks, Wounds Thresholds, Magic, Consolidated Skills, Grouped Skills, Skill Unlocks, Variant Multicasting, Fractional Base Bonuses or Staggered Advancement
  • No 3rd party material!
  • No material may be used from Mystic Adventures or Occult, including campaign settings and player companions related to those books. This includes anything related to the vigilante.
  • If you have dreams and desires to ride a flying mount, that might be an option if you can last in the game long enough. If you like guns, they are rare in this AP and it will be hard to get them and bullets, but there might be option if you can last in the game long enough.
  • At certain points in the game, more races will become available to play if you die. Do not intentionally die just so you can play one of those, but if you are unhappy with your current character, you can walk them off.
  • Pounce (Ex): I have many issues with Paizo’s wording. If you fail to grab you can continue with your claw attacks as normal. If you succeed on the grab, then you can continue with the rake attacks with appropriate modifiers due to grapple. In other words, no your companion is not going to get 5 attacks on a charge/pounce. We can discuss but I will not be changing this ruling. This rule also applies to me and all creatures I will run with it.
  • I do not tolerate thieving from other players or hiding party loot from your allies. All loot will be divided equally among the party. You will keep track on your own character sheets what you have in your inventory. I will be 100% aware of the items I gave the party and the items you purchased/or started the game with. If you sell items the party found, the gold will be split. If it was something you bought yourself and now want to sell, then all the gold should go to you unless you want to share.
  • You will be traveling a lot. I mean…… A LOT. Also I’m gonna slap all kinds of environmental rules upon you so brace yourselves. This is no sissy’s campaign.
  • I would appreciate it if we can keep the rhythm of 1 post a day. If not more! If you're going to be absent please let me know. I also understand life is life so if you miss a day, just let me know you're OK and get a post up as soon as you can.
  • There is a high probability that someone’s character will die. No, I will not make up some stuff to have it come back to life. This adventure is dangerous and you the player are accepting this contract by submitting a character. Don’t be a poor sport if you die, but perhaps this will help you make wise decisions within the game for your table.

OK that's it for now. Let's get to talking to each other about your concepts and things you prefer to play. I will answer all your questions promptly.

Also, an added note.

Like real tables, sometimes players can't make it and I have to NPC them. I will have a 3 day rule. If we are waiting for you to post and it has been 3 days, I will NPC your character to keep the game moving. If you don't post for a week and you don't explain to the table why, we will assume you are no longer interested in playing and will be replaced. No you will not be able to get back into my game. Make sure you communicate effectively to prevent this.

On a third note. I do not need an intricate backstory. I most likely will not be utilizing it within this campaign. You can have one if you want, but all I need to know is why you're in Heldren on that date, at that hour.

I am considering running either a Lunar Oracle, or a melee Green Scourge druid focused on quarterstaff and later wildshape. I do have a few questions regarding the latter, however.

1. Does Green Scourge's Nature's Armaments ability actually remove the ability to spontaneously cast Summon Nature's Ally spells? The wording seems a bit unclear, and this seems to be a topic of some debate, so I was hoping for a gm ruling on how that works.

2. Druid's wildshape requires that one be familiar with the animal one is wildshaping into. I was wondering how the familiarity requirement would be handled for the purpose of this campaign. Like, would I just need to have a sufficiently high know. nature to be aware of what I'm trying to turn into, or would I have need to seen the creature in question in person at some point during the campaign? And, would I be considered familiar with the creatures on the Summon Nature's Ally list, considering that I can summon them.

Rise of the Runelords|Dragon's Demand| Giantslayer|Emerald Spire

GM DS, you've posted this in the general PbP discussion subforum, and it should be in the PbP campaign discussion subforum. I've flagged it for the moderators to move so you don't have to rewrite everything.

Male Human Driver 1

Hi all, hopefully we can all have fun during this.

Would like to put out there that I am considering a ranger or hunter, though I would like to see what the rest of the party is going for before creation. Will browse every once in a while throughout the day and if we've all made decisions by tonight I'll start working on the concept in more detail.

Thank you DM Carbide.

@Usmo - Yes, that archetype removes your ability to spontaneously cast Summon Nature's Ally. As for being familiar with creatures. At this time as a level 1, you don't have a whole lot of experience. So just regional creatures from your travels. Keep in mind that again, you're level 1 and really have not had grand adventures yet.... or you'd be a higher level. If you have some creatures you're interested in, I can let you know if they are acceptable or not.

Fair nuff. I'll run with a half elf Lunar Oracle, with Ancient Lorekeeper archetype and a Starknife build, along with an animal companion. Will be focused on buffing, healing, melee, and maybe some offensive spells later on. Will hopefully have a sheet up by tomorrow.

Male Human Driver 1

While I'm still on break, what sort of animal companions would be acceptable for this campaign? You mention that the area we start in is not actually cold at all, so I'm wondering how one would justify having one of the suggested companions in the ap player's guide.
Edit: We already have two people who are considering ACs. This might get out of hand.

I mean, if two animal companions is considered to be a serious issue, I can always switch over to Shaman.

@Ekeli - If you had a creature in mind from the players guide let me know and we can figure out if you had it before the adventure start, where as you would have at some point went to a region where it could be found. But those creatures most certainly will cross your path and you most certainly can do the whole Handle Animal training within game.

In that case, I suppose I'll continue with a Lunar Oracle build, and pick up the animal companion revelation at level 3 instead of level 1, if that is not too big an issue. At least, I assume by 3, we'll be in a position to pick up whatever PF's equivalent to a Siberian Tiger is.

Perhaps, but I can not promise that at any specific level. But it will be up to you to seek it out if it doesn't show up on its own. Also, make sure you read the ruling on Pounce.

Appears Human

Hello everyone! Thanks for the invite.

I'm leaning toward playing a skald. He'll be a jack of all trades, with focuses on diplomacy, knowledge, melee, spot healing, etc. My shared rage powers will most likely be focused on party survivability, such as Guarded Life, Energy Resistance, and clear Mind.

I'm looking forward to watching the party take shape.

@GM DS: What is your target start date?

For unchained gameplay ban, does that include classes? I have the idea for a ferocious unchained barbarian, who runs an orphanage out of a wooden shack that she built (they were there looking for work)
If not (and it is allowed) I would like to play a sorcerer who's a child, and has their parent (a lvl 0 commoner) come along with them (or maybe another player if someone would be interested in that sort of bond), and he has just there because they are coming back from something (a play date or whatever)
Or a Bard who knows he's an RPG character, and will make comments and stuff (for example "I hope the GM is sure about the balance, cause this is one hell of a fight") and does whatever possible to meet his story and his partners' an epic one (there because he knows that's where the story starts)

@Eric Sklavos - no date set yet. Once I get all characters submitted then we can start. If the process seems to be taking to long, I'll nudge ya'll along.

@DM Greaek - unchained classes and unchained skill unlocks for rogue is allowed, just not the additional fluff in those books. (Mostly for herolab configurations, as some like to use the software)

The child idea probably will not work and will die at level 1 I guarantee it.

Sign up sheet:

I’m up to play anything. I’m looking at the campaign traits and trying to mold something around Blood of Giants, but working with a large character might be a bit much.

The winter witch looks interesting, but I have a witch I’ve played before. I’m curious to see what everyone else is interested in playing too. I would like to go with an uncommon race too. So much to choose from.

I'll probably do the Bard, or maybe make him a rogue
And if I'm not on for a while today it's because I'm in the road, and data has been on and off

Male Human Driver 1

After seeing everyone elses posts, I think a ranger would probably fit better than hunter in order to balance out the martial magic mix. Of course if nobody wants to make a disabler I might do something there.

Sorry Relic, this thread is not for you. Your table has not been created and I will let you know what table you get when it's created. Thank you!

My apologies to you all. Good luck, enjoy.

Ekeli you play what you want, I have so many character ideas that I could fill any role

Male Human Driver 1

Eh, maybe I can go with the trapper archetype, freeing us of the need for a disabler while providing us with a flexible martial class. I also quite like the idea of a half-orc ranger who doesn't quite trust magic and down-right hates fey. (Maybe witches too? If nobody else wants it witch-hunter could be a good campaign trait for such a character.)
I'm just tossing ideas out there by the way. I want to be accomodating as possible.
GM Deadly Secret: How do you feel about cold iron? A fey-hating trapper needs the tools to fight them after all.
Edit: I really like the skald idea.

@Ekeli - Just have reasons why you have it and remember Cold Iron has a cost.

Appears Human

I've pretty much got my skald fleshed out. I just need to give him a couple tweaks dependent upon party makeup. Then I just need to put it in a profile and I'll be ready to go.

FYI-I've got family in town this weekend so Friday through Monday my posts may be a bit sparse.

Ekeli wrote:

Eh, maybe I can go with the trapper archetype, freeing us of the need for a disabler while providing us with a flexible martial class. I also quite like the idea of a half-orc ranger who doesn't quite trust magic and down-right hates fey. (Maybe witches too? If nobody else wants it witch-hunter could be a good campaign trait for such a character.)

I'm just tossing ideas out there by the way. I want to be accomodating as possible.
GM Deadly Secret: How do you feel about cold iron? A fey-hating trapper needs the tools to fight them after all.
Edit: I really like the skald idea.

Ancestral Weapon trait might be worth a look, on the off chance you haven't already considered it.

Male Human Driver 1

Starting with a mwk cold iron great axe is pretty enticing. I'll have to figure out some way to justify it.

Male Human Driver 1

After a bit of digging, it turns out you need to be from Numeria as a prerequisite for that.
Also it seems to be targeted primarily at barbarians, though that isn't a requirement.

@Ekeli - You can be from Numeria if you'd like to flavour it that way. Yes the lands there are harsh and you'll want to have a character/personality that is familiar with that. All you'd need to do is come up with reasons why you left and you're here in Taldor.

Sign up sheet:

I had the idea of playing a psychic. Never played one before. A vigilante witch hunter who’s family was stolen from them by an evil witch, you have grown to be angry. You love inflicting pain on your enemy even though you tend to get along with others. Not sure of what race, but it would be exotic.

I was also thinking a barbarian or Paladin.

@GM Deekan - Psychic as a class is not allowed because it's in the occult books that have been restricted from this campaign. Did you mean a different class?

Sign up sheet:

Ah forgot about the occult classes.

I’m thinking a paladin. Vigilante witch hunter who’s family was stolen by an evil witch. Now he swears he will rid the world of witches and evil beings.

Male Human Driver 1

Hmm... According to this trait the weapon I'll have is over 350 years old, as the Rain of Stars happened in 4363 AR.
And it's nonmagical.
How likely is it that a masterwork cold iron greatsword would survive that long? Maybe if it was well taken care of it would work.
If Deekan wants to go with vigilante witch hunter I could go for Restless Wayfarer trait. Probably my parents would be fleeing from robots, so that could explain why we're traveling. If I'm from Numeria then I'd likely be a Kellid human, and as they have a decent number of Gorum worshippers, I'm leaning to the greatsword rather than a greataxe (only wanted one for half-orc flavor anyway). In which case having a cold iron weapon to fight fey would be completely accidental.
Now I need a new favored enemy, this is shaping up to not make sense with fey as a favored enemy.

I mean, in the real world, we've got weapons that have survived far longer than 350 years.

Anyhow, as a brief update, I've mostly finished the mechanics of my build, will get it put into a profile and have backstory done either tomorrow or the day after.

Male Human (Ulfen/Taldan) Skald 2: [HP: -5/17] [AC:16 T:12 F:14][CMB +4, CMD 15 ] [ Fort +5, Ref +2, Will +3] [Init:+6, Percep:+4] [Rage: 7/7]
Active Effects:

Eric Sklavos here, introducing Ragnar Lothveld, Human Skald.

Ragnar's ulfen blood shows through with his 6'6", 220 pound frame, and bushy but well groomed beard; but that's where his father's influence ends. His brown hair, olive skin, and charming smile are all influenced by his Taldan mother. The big man seems intimidating at first glance, but as soon as your eyes catch his jovial smile, your mood eases and you instantly feel as if you've known him your whole life . . .

@GM DS: His backstory is a little rough and is more of a cliff notes version of how and why he ended up in Heldren. Let me know if you have any questions, or need any other information. I might make a couple minor tweaks to the character depending on what the party might need, but this is pretty much him.

So in case you guys are wondering why I don't really want a back story. I am aware that a lot of times back stories come out during character interactions with each other as the players play. You can be a reserved character or a very forward type character. I don't really mold your back story into the AP's so it's all really just flavour for you.

I personally am not the type of person to flesh out a backstory for my own characters and sometimes feel pressured when asked to and so I just like to give people this kind of room.

Seems like the party is lacking an arcane caster, so I will probably play either an arcanist or Sorcerer

Male Human Driver 1

Recap so far:
? ? lunar oracle
CG Human bardbarian
CN Human trapper ranger (no spells)


If you do want to go arcane you have a lot of freedom

Also, even though can't be a child, you could be on the young side for a sorc. Maybe play them a bit naive, as if they never quite grew up. Then your parent could live in Heldren. Adaptive Magic could be a good trait for that, or warded against witchery. All up to you though

OK time to set a deadline. Let's get all characters generated and ready to play by June 16, 2018.

That would work quite well with my strength 6 int 8 gnome

Sign up sheet:

I’m going Paladin. I’ll start working on him tonight.

Male Half Elf(Kindred raised) Oracle(Ancient Lorekeeper) HP 19/19 | AC 16 tch 2 FF 14 | CMD 13/FF 11 | F 3 R 2 W 4(5 vs charm/compulsion)

Usmo here. I’ve more or less finished up my oracle. For the most part, at low levels, it’ll just be casting Bless to buff the party before going into melee with a Starknife. Also healing. Once we start leveling, I’ll likely go down the Two weapon fighting line, and expand my spell selection to include some more debuffs and offensive spells.

After some consideration, I have decided to pick up an animal companion at 1. Backstory seemed to justify it well enough, and it at least means that I have something to contribute in low level combats. Plus, I expect it would be useful to have an extra creature that can benefit from things like the Skald’s raging song and spells like Bless. If the justifications in the backstory are considered sufficient, I’ll go ahead and finalize the animal companion’s build, else, I can always just go back to Prophetic Armor for my first level revelation, and take the AC at level 3 as originally planned.

I also wasn’t too sure whether taking Endure Elements at level 1 would be considered overly meta or not. I kinda considered it justified, on a character that’s spent plenty of time travelling, but, well, I can always switch that out for something else if need be.

Well it is hot in Heldren this time of year, so maybe you have it because you're not fond of weather temps.

Male Half Elf(Kindred raised) Oracle(Ancient Lorekeeper) HP 19/19 | AC 16 tch 2 FF 14 | CMD 13/FF 11 | F 3 R 2 W 4(5 vs charm/compulsion)

Sounds good. How should I calculate the animal companion's HP? I know you said we get the full HD for our classes at first level, but, animal companions start with two HDs.

In this case we will do this:

Animal companions receive average hit points per hit die. For d8, the average is 4.5. Multiply 4.5 times the number of hit dice your animal companion has and round down. Recalculate hit points for your companion each time it gains additional hit dice. After its hit points are calculated, add in appropriate bonuses from its Constitution modifier, feats, and so on.

So basically only you will get the Max health at lvl 1

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Ah yes also, if you want a picture for your character other than what Paizo offers for forum avatars, just link me to it and I'll make one for the maps.

Male Human Driver 1

Crunch is pretty much done. Just need to finish his backstory and physical description. Oh and name him. Looking forward to this

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