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Ok, so I'm having this discussion about my kineticist regarding the snake infusion. The description is pretty clear:

You have fine control over your kinetic blast, allowing you to alter its path to avoid obstacles. You can trace out any path no more than 120 feet long for your blast, potentially allowing you to avoid cover (even total cover). You can choose a path that leads into squares you cannot see.

It states that allow cover/total cover to hit a square even if I'm not seeing it, ok. But the GM is saying that if I can't see the target he'll apply a 50% miss chance because it's the rule of total concealment (not cover). I understand that concealing from spells ( e.g. invisibility, mist, etc) should definitely consider this, I'm totally ok with magical concealment.

BUT, for exemple, if it's not a pitch-black environment, I moved to a place where I still know where the target is (e.g. my iniciative is first, I move around a corner and shoot), should the miss chance be applied?

I mean, the ONLY this this power does is giving the ability to control the path and hit that desired place. To me it sounds like debuffing the only thing that the power gives.

If we check the description for cover and concealment, they kinda crash and because the Snake is only mentioning cover, not conccealment, the GM is clinging on that. But I say that if it's a physical obstacle, it's a cover. He holds on to the idea that if I don't see, it's concealed thus 50% miss.

Total Cover
If you don’t have line of effect to your target (that is, you cannot draw any line from your square to your target’s square without crossing a solid barrier), he is considered to have total cover from you. You can’t make an attack against a target that has total cover.

Concealment: have line of effect to a target but not line of sight, he is considered to have total concealment from you.

I understand that there is the Greater Windsight, but the Snake, to me, means that if I know the path I want, the blast goes (also, snake is a lower level, doen't make sense to me if it'd require a hiher level talent)

Shadow Lodge

To quote the full concealment rule:


Total Concealment

If you have line of effect to a target but not line of sight, he is considered to have total concealment from you. You can’t attack an opponent that has total concealment, though you can attack into a square that you think he occupies. A successful attack into a square occupied by an enemy with total concealment has a 50% miss chance

If you can't see the target, you're targeting the square they're in with snaking infusion. The GM has the right of it.

If you want to move around the corner and kinetic blast without repercussion, you're gonna have to eat that that miss chance until you get something like Tremorsense or Blindsight.

So the main thing with snaking is avoiding line of effect problems. Wall of force, no miss chance. Metal bars you can see through, no miss chance. Solid rock pillar? Not so much. Normally you couldn't even try to hit him, this makes it possible but you're doing it blind so it's a miss chance.

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