Which Two-Handed weapon to use?


Currently making a melee tag team Summoner & Eidolon.

I'm split between the Greatsword, the Elven curve blade, the Flambard and the Falchion.

Feat wise it dosen't matter, all of them will cost me a feat, as i have nothing but simple weapon prof. The only difference is that the Elven curve blade and the Falchion would give me an additional language.

Statline is: 16,14,13,12,10,16

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Nodachi. Same damage/crit range as the elven curve blade (slightly better than the falchion), but with the option to do piercing damage and the brace special quality instead of being usable with Weapon Finesse. It's also a martial weapon, which lets the summoner take the feat at level 1, and only 10 gp more expensive than the flambard or greatsword.

Explain to me how a weapon gives you an additional language?

It kinda depends on the rest of your build. Could you perhaps tell us more about that?
From the options you gave, I can see you choose a bigger critical range over a bigger critical modifier (so butchering axe is out of the picture). Personally, I wouldn't take the flambard or the falchion. They are straight up worse than other weapons.
Anyway, here are the average damage per weapon assuming a 11 or higher on your D20 would hit (between the brackets is the damage with a +1 keen weapon, which you want with increased critical range):

Greatsword: 8,4 (11,7)
Elven curved blade: 7,15 (10,4)
Flambard: 6,6 (9,1)
Falchion: 6,5 (9,6)

If you want the most damage, take the greatsword. If you want the most amount of crits: take the elven curved blade. If you want reach on your elven curved blade, take the fauchard. And if you want the most damage overall, take the butchering axe: 11,55 (13,8)

Yomabo wrote:
Explain to me how a weapon gives you an additional language?

He probably plans to grab the proficiency through the human option that allows you to get another race's weapon familiarity (and their language). So he will either be raised by elves or half orcs.

Anyway, I am going to say "Anything with a big crit range". This is important for reasons beyond just DPR- if you grab the outflank and paired opportunist feats, you can become a blender.

Outflank is an obvious feat for this kind of build- it allows you to get +4 instead of +2 when flanking with another creature with this feat. That allows your summoner to get enough attack bonus so they can hit things. However, there is another part of this feat- when you crit the target, your partner gets an AoO. So your attacks could give your eidolon some extra attacks (and since the eidolon will have huge str score... it hits harder than you do; be sure to go with a 2 hander eidolon or something with a 1.5x bite).

Paired opportunists takes this further- when your ally gets an AoO, you also get an AoO. That means that the crits from outflank would also give you some AoOs too. ... and can't the AoOs crit too? AoOs that lead into AoOs.

The best weapon might be the Fauchard- the "18-20 reach weapon". More AoOs to share. Combined with a reach focused eidolon, and you can create a valley of death for enemies- anything that tries to pass between you and your eidolon is diced and sliced.

Oak_Staff wrote:
Currently making a melee tag team Summoner & Eidolon.

Others are answering your question; I'm questioning the concept. --You're a low Fort-save class with minimal proficiencies and in a class with no additional feats progression. You are, however, proficient in light armor, and do not suffer casting penalties for wearing it.

Rather than swinging melee weapons as a low-AC martial caster that can't really "take it", have you considered archery?

Halfling, 16,15,12,12,12,12 25pt-buy:

str- 12 or 10
dex+ 18
con: 12 or 14
int: 12
wis: 12
cha+ 17 (all bumps)
Racial trait: Warslinger (reload slings as a free-action)

Versus the build in the OP:
* same hitpoints and same number of skills
* +1 Cha score 50% of levels (4th-8th, 12th-16th)
* +2 ranged attack bonus (ranged); -1 (melee)
* AC+3, TouchAC+3, INIT+2
* Saves: Fort +1, Reflex +3, Will +2
* Stealth +6, Perception +3

Feats: ...you take no combat feats, because you're a caster. Also, your side-kick is a lot better at the fighting job than you are. Focus on pimping him and anything you might summon (and you're going to be doing a lot of that). It won't be too many levels (certainly by 5th) before using a weapon will be the absolute worst option you have available for a standard action.

I think I'll end up with the Elven Curve blade, while the Fauchard is a great weapon, I've just finished a level 7 - 13 campaign playing a Fauchard wielding Fighter.
I had not though of using an archer, and while I'll definitely save your idea in the Character's-I'll-Hopefully-get-to-play-one-day folder, it's not quite what I'm aiming for with this one.

It won't let me reply directly, it might because my internet or pc is slow :(

There is no duty to stick with the same weapon from level 1 to 20, unless you have important class features that are really tied to a single weapon. I'd start off with a greatsword - you gain +1 damage (or more) in average, and you are less likely to roll low on both dice than on one die. Over time, weapon base damage turns less important in the whole picture (unless you do something Vital Strike related) while critical hits add more and more (since your static bonuses to damage increase). Around level 8 to 10, I'd consider to switch to a 18-20 weapon.

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