High level sorcerer build : need advice


I'm currently building a sorcerer for a high level campaign (replacing an existing character) at level 21 (yes, 21st. Guidelines exist in PHB and we played epic level several years with DnD 3.5 ed).

I'm familiar with Pathfinder rules but it's my second sorcerer and I'm not yet familiar with all sorcerer mechanisms.

1/ Clearly, I'll go Human (for racial alt trait)

2/ I do hesistate for bloodlines (main + using Eldritch). Usually, I'd go with Arcane but I'm looking for a valuable alternate

option 1 : Sage (alt Arcane bloodline) + Pit Fiend (alt Infernal via Exotic Heritage and Eldritch Heritage)
- lot of HP and skill points eventhough demanding on abilities
- sponteanous metamagic hindrance fixed at level 20

option 2 : Imperious + Arcane (via Eldritch Heritage)
- good HP but low skill points (I hate lacking skill points)
- Imperious capstone is very cool RP and technically powerful when in high levels (immune + stop aging) ; age is significant in our settings as we play characters for years
- spontaneous metamagic hindrance fixed for few spells per day (5 in fact)

I do like Imperious bloodline for flavor and powers and I think I can find way to overcome action economy problems for 5 to 6/7 spells per day.

Advices ?

Anyone ?

What's your goal here Zerion? Just a general sorcerer or do you have any theme or idea you want to focus on? If you like the Imperious bloodline for flavour I'm sure you can make it work as an epic-level full spellcaster.

There are multiple other ways to deal with the lengthened casting of spontaneous spells if that's a particular problem (ride a mount so you can use its action to move, spontaneous metafocus feat, quickened spells, allies (leadership?) & the high magic focus feat, play an wizard or arcanist instead, probably more) but I'm not sure if that's the only problem you're asking about.

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The biggest limitation of a sorcerer is spells know the best way around this is through meta magic feats.

Rods for persistent - this is the best way to optimized dcs

Dazing - trun damage control spells in to save or suck spells which can be used to target any save. This adds huge versatility to your casting.

Quicken - more spells per round

Heighten - with sorcerers sometimes the right spell is low level like blindness/deafness but the DC would be low now you can fix that.

Get a mount - if you don't have to use you move action using meta magic is easier.

Present to be a wizard - ring of spell knowledge, mnemonic vestment and versatile spontenaity.

I like sylvan bloodline with arcane Eldritch heritage personally. I think false priest (razmiran priest)

1) There are several alternatives to human (because other races can get the same racial bonus) - 1/2 elf, 1/2 orc, Gillman (and any other race if you take the feat Racial Heritage - Human).

2) You might consider a prestige class for levels 17-21 (inclusive), as robes of arcane heritage would get you the sorceror bloodline capstone and other powers.

3) Depending on exactly how the campaign is handling higher spell slots for levels beyond 21, it might be worth doing something that doesn't get caster levels.

4) Sage is probably the strongest bloodline in the long run - being int based is great. (this is what makes Psychics so much stronger than sorcerers...). But take a careful look at the assorted arcana's - some can be very strong indeed. http://www.pathfindercommunity.net/tyler-s-pathfinder-guides/magic-in-the-b lood-a-guide-to-eldritch-heritage-and-sorcerer-bloodlines

5) Pay attention to the bloodline mutations - they can be very powerful. Also consider the bloodline familiar option - it is also good.

6) Your eldritch heritage bloodline is another area to take great care - although it tends to be more a flavor thing.

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On the topic of familairs and skills an aeon sage familair is a great way to essentially get a bunch of free skill points.

The intensifying and piericing mutations are amazing for all casters. Blood havoc is an amazing choice for blasters.

Wooh thanks for all your answers

1. I played several wizards, got fun with them but as I finally tested a sorcerer, I realized spontaneous casting was more was I was looking for

2. I choosed human for several reasons :
- alt racial favored class bonus
- imperious bloodline : true, you can get it via racial heritage or being half human but I thought human was thematically more appropriate

3. I choosed Imperious for RP and capstone. Rest of bloodline is kinda crappy vs Arcane bloodline (or even Sage alternate). My 1st sorcerer is a sage bloodline one

4. Yes, I plan to use bloodline mutations. They are great and will be greater to replace crappy bloodline powers

5. Over capstone, Arcane bloodline is more powerful than Imperious. No doubt... except the fact our DM is frequently using death effect and drain abilities/level. That makes capstone way more powerful :-)

6. I'll make sure to get as much metamagic (feats and rods) as I can. I plan to take Spell Perfection so I need them. Plus metamagic feats are meant for sorcerer :-). Going to level 21, Intensify will be very welcome as bloodline mutation.

7. With imperious crappy feats, I think I'll get very high UMD so I'll try to make the most of it.

8. I never used mounts : we frequently get in dungeons and TP/planeshift all the time. Mount is unwelcome with this configuration

9. I also never used "permanent" familiar : I tend to think it's a weakness for your caster if it gets killed. My DM won't target it if I don't use it for action economy (ie more spells) but, then, it will be much less useful

10. I intend to use Guardian Spirit (Summoner Handbook) for familiar purpose ; that way if it is killed, it will be less painful for me

11. I used Leadership several times. Just, no this time :-)

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