Choosing Fell Viridio and auto-losing to undead

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One of Radovan's powers, if you choose his demon form Fell Viridio, says "on your combat checks that do not have the 2-handed trait, add 2 and the poison trait". Does this mean that if you choose Fell Viridio for the encounter, that you automatically lose to all undead? It doesn't sound like the poison trait is optional, so if you roll a combat check against any undead monster (they're immune to the poison trait), you can't kill it. Is there something I'm missing here? Is the effect optional, or is Fell just a bad demon form?

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The effect is not optional, per se, but you misunderstand how immunity works in PACG.

When a bane is immune to a trait, that means two things:

  • You may not play cards that have that trait, or use powers or a power on a card that would add that trait.
  • If an effect would add that trait to your check, ignore that entire effect.

    For example, lets say you have the Toxic Cloud displayed (which adds dice and the poison trait to your combat checks for a full turn); when you come across an undead, just ignore the Toxic Cloud (both the trait and any bonuses it would otherwise provide). You can't add the poison trait, so the entire card becomes an impossible instruction, it does NOT make your entire combat check against undead equal to 0!

    So when Radovan is displaying Fell Viridio, yes he has to add 2 and the poison trait if he's able to. If a monster is immune, however, Fell Viridio's entire relevant paragraph is nullified. You don't add 2, you don't add Poison and you cannot banish a monster to add an additional 2d6+X.

  • +1 to Yewstance. That's my understanding too.

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    Mine too :)

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