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Closed May 1st. I didn't have the money to invest until now. I still see the page with ordering the playtest rulebook/adventure etc. I even went so far as filling out the credit card info and shipping before I backed out of the ordering pages.

Can I still get a copy? I know they said IF there were extras after Gen Con, they would put them up for sale on paizo. Can I order a set now that I ahve the money since the webpage seems to be still active?

or up to chance on the extras...


Silver Crusade

If the page is active, use it and place an order. The worst that can happen is the order cannot be processed and you’re not charged or they cannot supply you a book and you get a refund.

As someone who works in customer support (for another company) I have faith in Paizo CS to do their best to see you right.

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