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I need order 4757631 finalized . My card on file is correct but I can’t seem to make it work but partially online. Try to make the transaction w/ the card on file and figure out why your system is only doing partial authorizations.

Items in this order we from 2 previous orders were payment didn’t authorize. But instead of my account showing those orders so I can fix the issue, you’re no screwed-up system dumped threaders and just threw everything into the side cart.

This happened last over a month ago too and when I got the issue fixed, you charged me more than the previous order.

I don’t know what you did to break this system but it started when you completed changed your whole website and made everything non-operator friendly. Your current website really is difficult to navigate and you are alienating your entire customer base w/ something so non user-friendly.

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Hi Abierzen,

Thanks for letting us know! I've moved the pending items into a new order (#5170961) to simplify things a little bit, and you'll be receiving a confirmation email in just a moment. I was able to authorize the card just fine, and I'll let our warehouse know to get that order sent out as quickly as they can. Just let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with in the meantime.


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