How does level affect power level in this edition?

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So in 3rd edition dnd doubling the monsters added 2 to the encounters cr or el or whatever (every doubling led to a +2 to cr). I think that was also generally/supposedly true in pathfinder. Also sth that was 5 cr higher than you was an insurmountable challenge, though extremely true for level 1 not so for level 15, but that optimization for you my friend.

Considering the +1 to everything for every level, increases in ability scores albeit to a lesser degree, class feats, skill feats and proficiency levels how do you think will that affect PF 2.0 powercurve compared to the Pathfinders one? Will it become steeper? It seems so to me, at least with the current information at hand.

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I think it's going to be about the same power curve for -average- power, but that four things may be true.

1. I think the character optimization floor will be generally raised, so that creating a PC which is completely useless will be more difficult to do by accident and now require a bit of effort to find the absolute worst options during building, while the character optimization ceiling will likely fall a bit. This means more people closer the middle of the group, and less wide a gap between the OP super-optimized player and a casual or thematic build.

2. Power growth will be smoother, with less massive jumps followed by three nearly dead levels. We no longer get new iterative attacks at level 6/11/16 for martials for example. Those levels marked massive advantages in character growth, and now there's going to be a more gradual climb with class abilities coming online over time.

3. The curve, being more predictable, will translate better to CR because what a party can do at level 11 is now much easier to estimate. We should have a much simpler time determining what a balanced encounter is, because we don't have to stress about whether the fighter gained a new attack or if the wizard gained a headband this level to increase DC/damage/gain a new spell of his second highest level, and gained a new spell level all in one night. We have closer tabs on that advancement now, CR may track better.

4. Powers available will be broader with the new skill method, players may not have as optimized and perfect an answer to a situation as they once could have, but more players I feel will be able to contribute to each situation. This means more chances of success, but slightly lower maximum chance for any particular attempt at anything. This again makes for predictability, this time in knowing that just because the rogue can't pick the lock doesn't mean nobody else in the group will be able to. Getting across this chasm no longer depends on whether the sorcerer used all the slots he could have put towards fly, because more PCs have options to help the party advance. Similarly, we may not always see situations be bypassed with the 'one true answer' because the rogue certainly has a higher stealth check and the wizard has invisibility, but neither of these is now so ridiculous as to trivialize a situation.

Overall, I think this is going to trend the group towards more neutral and less extreme, which has it's ups and downs for characters but definitely makes balancing encounters easier. I think with all that in mind, the expected power of players will if anything fall closer to what we expected in Pathfinder first edition, not higher or lower but closer to that predicted balance.

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I think level will have more or less the same effect on power, maybe an even greater one (especially for martials).

What's changed is that people of the same level will have much smaller differences between their capabilities.

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