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I recently was given the option to play a Vine Leshy, which doesn't seem particularly powerful, but has a lot of flavor. As such, I'm trying to figure out which build would be best and am hoping to go with a nature-themed class/archetype. While I am not necessarily looking for the #bestbuildever, I would like to be moderately effective in combat at a minimum.

I already have a druid, so while that is an obvious choice I'd prefer to try something new. Given the CON and WIS bonus, Shaman and Kinetiscist came to mind - unfortunately, it seems like the Nature and Wood Spirit and Wood Element are pretty mediocre.

Do you have a favorite nature-themed build that might play well with a Vine Leshy?

The Mad Dog Barbarian can make his companion rage so you and your companion can be defenders of nature. The social trait Beastkin lets you speak with animals at will with one type of creature so you can make it your companion. The Agile alternate race trait gives you dex instead of con if you wanted to be more combat focused by your rage will benefit from extra con. Pick up an Earth Breaker and your set.

Stats would be Con>Str>Dex>Wis>Int=Cha.
With Str at 13 you can power attack but 16 would be better. You need some dex for AC. The Idea is to let your companion do most of the fighting while you back him up and give him rage.

The Green Faith Marshal Inquisitor serves as a literal force of nature.

I don't think that particular archetype is especially strong, but the Inquisitor class has some potential with this character, in my opinion.

Verdant bloodrager is always fun.

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The favored class bonus for both Oracle and Shaman let you add spells from the druid list, which may open up some fun thematics. You could even run as a Spirit Guide Oracle of Wood or Nature, to nab some cool things from both classes. The Solar mystery also gives you basically photosynthesis, which is pretty thematic.

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