Best Paizo APs for a solo player?


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My partner has heard me ramble about Pathfinder enough that they're willing to push past their usual dislike for high fantasy games and give the system a whirl. I figure a good way to do that while giving them a range of story and theme options is to run them through an Adventure Path. The problem is, it's just one player.

Which of the AP's is best suited towards solo play, and what are some general tips or tweaks that can be made to make it flow easier? I'm thinking something like giving them an extra level or two to start out with, and maybe beefing up some of the NPCs to help cover some bases.

Based on my experience with a handful of the APs, something like Skull and Shackles or Jade Regent seem like they'd be solo friendly, but I haven't been very far into either of them or played a good half or more of the APs.

First time playing Pathfinder, and going solo? Right. I'm not going to suggest an AP but instead give some general advice.

Try talking the player into a class that does a little bit of a lot of things. Ranger is an excellent class to introduce a new player to Pathfinder. You start melee, you get a companion, and eventually you get spells. That is a good way to ease into learning the system. Paladin is decent as well, though the roleplay restrictions turn some people off.

Rogue is another good choice. Does a bit of everything, and can get into magic if they are interested. Fighter is kind of the poster child of starter characters. Honestly not a bad choice, I'd suggest making a basic fighter rather than allowing some exotic build because you want the new player to explore the system, not get stuck in a nitch.

Things to avoid: Don't allow bards or healers. Let an NPC do the wallflower thing. The player should be the center of attention, and these classes tend to just sit back and support. Great for a group, bad for you're solo experience.

Make a Hero, not a God. I'd suggest going for a 25 point build for stats and then sticking to the normal 1st level start. Do the whole extra skill points for non-adventuring skills option. Go slightly off the rails and give the player 1 Hero point every game session so they get use to spending them. Maybe up the pool to 5 points for free. Also start them with a little extra gear and the kind of background a real hero gets. A suit of masterworked weapon and armor. Maybe an extra 100gp to spend on gear, and 2 potions of cure light wounds as a care package. Maybe even a stat boosting potion for their primary stat? Oh, also max the player's HP every level. No rolls.

Then give them a party. Create the party to be support for the player's character. Create them as 15 point buy characters. They are inferior to the player, make sure they know this to start. Give them normal equipment. I'd suggest a small group. 2 or at most 3 NPCs and have them listen to the player's suggestions. After they are comfortable with their own character, let them run one of the NPCs as well. Make sure you give them personalities and have some RP moments with each.

Anyways, good luck.

I've run many one-on-one campaigns - including several with a newbie player - with a full party. Typically, the player would play 2 PCs and I, the GM, would run 2 "GMPC"s. I would treat the GMPCs pretty much the same as PCs, except that they wouldn't make decisions based on my GM omniscience.

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