Bravo Swash buckler / Stalker Vigilante (Fear build)


Got another build i'd very much like help with

I recently Found the above mention build and am thinking of playing in in a up coming game. My Magus i wanted to play - I was just not feeling it

I Am looking for Advice on Feats for this build

I plan on Taking Twisting fear at level 7 and I need some advice on how to get the most out of a build like this.

Also I'd like advice on Race not to sure what He should be

Silver Crusade

Ifrits can take a trait that lets them take 10 on intimidating. Also their fav class rogue get intimidate bonus. Find a way to do demoralize as a swift or free action. Signature skill intimidate @10 rabks makes them panic.
There is a real good intimidate guide on the Internet but don't have the link atm

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