Are there any Paladin Orders in Golarion?

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Lots of discussions around Paladins lately (obv, lol), and I keep seeing the idea of the Paladin as "the Round Table knightly order style" of class.
I would agree that they're certainly knightly, but I've always kind of seen them as loners taking on the burden they do because "no one else can" rather than a collective working together towards some goal or another, and the "knightly order" classes are the Cavalier and Hellknight.
After all, I can name several Hellknight Orders or Cavalier Orders, but I can't think of any Paladin orders.

So... are there any?

I don't know about any order that would have majority Paladins in it, but the Knights of Ozem would have a lot of Paladins (probably nowhere close to a majority, though).

I'd like to the "Paladin" is it's own knightly order with all members working towards roughly the same goals of order and good in the universe.

I mean, you have to be pretty "special" to get into the paladin club in the first place.


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The Holy Citadel of Light in Lastwall as well... there are a few other ones. But I think most of the ones you see are the religious orders that had their codes published already.

A few are mentioned there.
The Mendevian Crusades page also mentions the Order of Heralds.

And of course Paladins of Abadar have to have at least some order, as there are set holidays they go around and help commerce. I don't know if I'd call it and "order" as such by it is an organization of them.

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There's loads of knightly orders in Golarion. But I don't thi k any of them are stated to be class-locked in any way. Certainly, we know the Glorious Reclamation, Mendevian Crusades, and the Knights of Ozem all have non-paladin members, at least.

a lot of the LG gods(and some LN\NG like Abadar who have LG followers)have paladin code of conduct. it would be reasonable if that is in turn set up by an order of paladins.(and i think in the info some of them also have information about such orders).
look up the LG section of gods here (click on each one to go into more detail. and maybe look for ln\ng gods too)

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