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I'm going to use this thread as a means to share and improve upon Homebrew races I've made for Starfinder

To begin, I have 3. The Uvrom are an aquatic hivemind race loosely based off of the Belize rainbow squid and hermit octopus. The Dur'yeng are a hulking race of humanoids based loosely off of pangolins and theropods. And the Thuholni are a goblin- or gremlin-like race of tinkerers based loosely off of monkeys and morphology of chameleons.


4 Hitpoints
+2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Cha

The Uvrom are a recently-encountered aquatic race of aliens that are very evocative of cephalopods in shape and nature. They have keen intellects, and dexterous tentacles separated into two specialized groups for grasping and for locomotion, but their thought processes and telepathic nature are often found off-putting and invasive by other species. They are naturally cooperative as well as inquisitive and are very good at learning to understand unfamiliar situations and technology.

[Special Abilities]
Size and Type: Uvrom are Medium Aberrations with the "Aquatic" and "Uvrom" subtypes.
Aquatic: Uvrom breathe underwater and have a base land speed of 20 feet, and a base swim speed of 30 feet.
Water Dependency: without water to breathe - or an apparatus or augmentation allowing them to breathe air, Uvrom are prone to suffocation. An Uvrom character can survive without water for a number of minutes equal to 5 × its Constitution modifier. Beyond this limit, the Uvrom will suffocate until rescue or death.
Four Arms: Uvrom have four grasping tentacles which allow them to carry up to four tools or weapons at the ready, but does not increase the number of actions an Uvrom can make per turn.
Limited telepathy: As members of a telepathically-linked race evolved with a collective consciousness, Uvrom can communicate mentally with any creature within 30 feet radius and with whom they share a language.
Adaptive Mentality: Uvrom receive a +2 cultural bonus to Engineering and Survival checks.
Electro-Conductivity: Once per day an Uvrom can fill a number of charges on a standard battery [number undefined]


6 Hitpoints
+2 Str, -2 Dex, +2 Con

Dur'yeng appear uncannily like pangolins from earth, although with eye-stalks, and thin, wide snouts, "bearded" with the plate-like scales covering their sloping bodies. Most nations on Thinos tend to favor modestly covering their un-scaled parts. Although what this means can vary widely between Dur'yeng cultures, most Dur'yeng societies place a great amount of weight to the virtue of honor and duty. When making a solemn oath, a Dur'yeng will take out one of their own scales and step on it. When a Dur'yeng owes someone a favor, it is customary to give that person a one of their scales. Most Dur'yeng will pull scales off their own hides on the spot, but among the affluent, individuals will wait for scales to shed and then adorn them with personal markings for the purpose of this custom. It is also customary for the higher castes of Dur'yeng to affix these favor scales to their own armor, ears, or beards to show off who owes them favors, and how many.

[Special Abilities]
Great Size: Dur'yeng count as Large humanoids with the "Dur'yeng" subtype; they take up a space of 10 ft and have a reach of 5 feet.
Honor-bound: Dur'yeng culture favors frankness and honesty. Dur'yeng take a -2 penalty to Bluff, Sense Motive, and Diplomacy checks
Plodding: Dur'yeng have a base Speed of 20 ft.
Latticed Scales: +4 bonus to AC
Natural Claws: Thanks to their long, spade-like claws, Dur'yeng are always considered armed. They deal 1d4 lethal piercing damage with unarmed strikes. The attack does not count as archaic. Dur'yeng gain a unique weapon specialization with their natural weapons at 3rd level, allowing them to add 1.5 × their character level to their damage rolls for their natural weapons (instead of adding just their character level, as usual).
Coarse Earth Diggers: The long claws also allow Dur'yeng a 10 ft Burrow speed.


2 Hitpoints
+2 Dex

Thuholni are approximately 3 ft & 40 lb bundles of hyperactive energy. Almost any given Thuholn has an instinctive ability to dismantle, build, or reshape technological devices and machines to suit their whims (although, only a Thuholn scholar would have any idea of what they were doing academically). Human xeno-researchers are perplexed and startled that the Thuholni have managed to reach space-faring technology, claiming that they must have done it through "pseudo-intellectualist #$%^#& and blind luck."
Though originally evolved to live in trees high above a vast, dangerous wetland on their home planet Oln, Thuholni have adapted their society to also inhabit cliff-faces and over ravines, as hanging by their long, backward-jointed legs or forked, prehensile tails just comes naturally to them. Thuholni tend to be jumpy around other races, as there are no friendly species of wildlife on their home planet and although the masses seem to have little academic understanding of machines, they revere the scholarly caste that do understand. On the other hand, Thuholni culture tends to treat its soldier caste as Untouchable, despite the valuable protection those Thuholni traditionally provide for their cities against the harsh wild creatures of Oln. Thuholni caste hierarchy is visually observed through physical height. Soldier Thuholni will always live at the lowest level of homes or the bottom deck of a ship, while scholars and governing members of the species always are at the top.

[Special Abilities]
Size and Type: Thuholni count as Small Aberrations with the "Thuholn" subtype.
Intuitive Tinkers: As a move action, a Thuholn can remove the penalties associated with the Broken condition from 1 piece of equipment. At the start of their next turn, the item then becomes unusable for 10 minutes and retains the Broken condition after that until it is fixed)
Naturally Grabby: Thanks to their tails and feet, Thuholni get a +2 racial bonus to grapple checks, and don't need to have their hands free to execute the Combat Maneuver.
Swift and Natural Climbers: Thuholni have a base Speed of 35 and a Climb Speed of 20.
Aerialist's Physique: Thuholni receive a +2 racial bonus to Acrobatics checks.

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