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I'm level 7 ranger with 12 wisdom. I have 2 level 1 spells. I want both spell slots for 'gravity bow'. My question is how long does each of these spells last for?

It's min/level but I'm a ranger, so would it be 7 min/level (level 7) or:

Is it your level minus 3, aka 4 mins for the spell?


With all that in mind, how long does my level 1 spell gravity bow last at level 7 ranger if I had trait magical knack?

At Ranger 7, you cast at CL4. Your Gravity Bow lasts 4 minutes.

Add in the trait, and now you cast at CL6, but only have spells as Ranger 7. I.e. no new spells or spell slots, only additional levels counted for casting.


Spells work on caster level, so initially your caster level is 7-3 so 4, but with magical knack your caster level goes up by 2, so it's now 6, so now the spell would last 6 mins, and all your under spells would work off of 6 as your caster level.

thanks guys

If I had 2 pearls of power level 1, I could take 2 gravity bow slots and get 4 total correct?

Or 1 gravity bow spell and 1 aspect of the falcon spell and then use pearls of power to give me 3x gravity bow and 1 aspect of falcon if I decide to use it in that way?

Pearls of Power are great. Just remember they take a standard action to recharge the slot.


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