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I picked up the Free Captains Affiliation Boon last GenCon and use it regularly with my Lashunta Icon Envoy. So I decided to incorporate this into her background in a cheesy romance novel way. Essentially, the starliner she was on was attacked by space pirates and she was kidnapped to be held for ransom. But she fell in love with the ruggedly handsome Captain and they had a brief, torrid affair before he set her free. She refers to him as her Ex-boyfriend, but that’s mostly because they can’t really maintain a relationship, what with her being a rising star in the Pact Worlds gaming/media industry and him being a pirate in the Diaspora. But they are still on very good terms.

So, I have been looking at various sources trying to find a Free Captain that might fit the bill. Unfortunately, I have only found 2. One from the Pact Worlds, and one from the third book of the Dead Suns series. Both are female (which isn’t necessarily a deal breaker) but one is 88 years old and both don’t seem to have appropriate personalities for what I was looking for.

So does anyone else know of any other specific Free Captains and the source?

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