No control over animated objects?

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While the animate objects spell specifically states that the object attacks whatever you designate, there is no such ruling for those created using Craft Construct.

Furthermore, I can't find any general ruling that states constructs are controlled by their creator, only specific (and differing) instances as per the spell or in their own descriptions.

So by RAW as I see it, crafted animated objects are just mindless creatures with no direction and not much incentive to do anything. Should they be somehow goaded into attacking (I can't see why they'd initiate combat), they wouldn't differentiate their creator from any other creature.

Similarly, those created by the spell, which seem to have only one command, attack: What do you do with those made permanent? Designating new targets requires actively doing so with a move action, so leaving them alone to guard would have no effect, and hauling them around would be annoying at best, with no incentive to follow you unless you designate yourself as their target. (And without a 'stop' command you'd have to designate a rock or something else pointless for them to pulverize to stand down.)

Can anyone prove me wrong?

I don't see anything under the general rules that explicitly state that the creator controls the construct. However, I see language in many places that seems to assume that the creator has control.

Control Construct wrote:
You wrest the control of a construct from its master. For as long as you concentrate, you can control the construct as if you were its master. If the construct’s creator or master is present and trying to control the construct, you both must make opposed Spellcraft checks each round to control the construct.


Repairing Constructs wrote:
At any time, a construct’s creator can deactivate a construct under his control with a touch and a standard action.

Then there's the modification that allows a construct to be worn.

Construct Armor wrote:
So long as the creator wears it, the construct performs no independent actions, remaining under the control of the creator, and any attacks directed at the wearer first damage the construct.

So, the assumption seems to be that constructs are treated like mindless undead. Except without having any sort of HD limit which is probably why constructs are so flipping expensive to create and maintain (comparatively).

Cost Comparison:

For example a scarecrow is a medium sized 5HD mindless construct. It costs 8,000gp to create. Compared to a medium sized 5HD skeleton with a template (which doubles its cost) will only run you 250gp. If I assume each template I add doubles it's cost again, even with 3 templates it's only 1,000gp, is same HD and has a higher CR.

If the creator doesn't automatically control them then it makes them even more worthless.

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