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I should be able to pass as Baywatch Jesus when we go to California at the end of the summer.

There was a Baywatch Jesus, wasn't there.

I'm pretty sure there wasn't. Unless it was in an un-aired spinoff pilot.

djdust wrote:
Last week I finally finished and submitted my grad school thesis paper. Only took me 6 months :|

Only 6 months to whip up your thesis? felicitations, my own took me about 2 years, mostly because I needed the second year to have access to more corpus to study, and then put my notes into form.

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A new PFS GM just ran his first Pathfinder game. I was a player at his table and it was great.

E3 made me realize that my friends and I all have different consoles and that it's going to be a big investment for us if we want to play together again. We used to all have Xbox 360, but now one has Xbox One, one has PS4, my brother has PS4, and I only have a gaming computer, and none of them have gaming computers.

I wish cross-system play was more popular/viable.

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