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I just got the auth e-mail for my May subscription shipment. It comprises only six items, but for some reason they were split into three packages.

Could you please check into that to ensure that you are in fact shipping them in the best possible way? There is one pawn box in the order, but the rest are books and maps.

Also, the free Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild subscription that I get for being a Starfinder Superscriber is showing as canceled for some reason.

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I've seen this as well - but mine is actually only 4 items, split across 3 packages. I'm paying shipping and handling of over $22 for an order of $67 value - 2 flip-maps, 1 AP book and Starfinder pawns.

My subscription settings are set to "Hold for monthly shipment" and in the past this has usually meant a single package. Now, it seems everything has been saved for monthly shipment, but not put in a single package - with the associated much higher shipping and handling costs.

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Hello David knott 242 and MartinB,

It seems that there is some odd behavior happening with the selection of default shipping methods. I have updated both of your orders to cheaper shipping methods with fewer packages. Each of you will receive a new shipping confirmation email detailing this change to your orders. Please review this new confirmation email and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

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