Focused attack + Speed weapon = Allowed? Is it worth?

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I'm wondering if the speed weapon special ability would grant a +1 to the critical threat range to a Focused attack. You could take the Improved critical feat to also get the double critical threat range.

On a Fighter you would end with 11–20 critical threat range (18–20 for a scimitar, 15–20 for improved critical feat, 11–20 for giving up four attacks with Focused Attack and a speed scimitar with the improved critical feat. ats/focused-attack-combat/ lities/speed

Is it even worth to give up all attacks to get a super good critical threat range? Or is it broken and we shouldn't use this 3rd party feat?

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It looks like a good plan. At level 16 with the speed weapon enhancement or haste, you can give up 4 of your 5 attacks to get a 11-20 crit range.

I will say that I don't think that the speed weapon enhancement is worth the +3 value. Haste is cheap and easy to cast.

a lot of 3rd party feats are broken, or can be. think of a magus using this to super crit and drop a spell crited along with it for 50% of the times. thank god alchemists bombs crit is only for the first d6.

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Allowed? Probably.
Worth it? No.

If your main hit crits when you roll an 11, then the 4 attacks you gave up would have probably hit at least twice. If your crit only gets x2, you loose out. If x3, then you match. But wait... those extra hits may also crit. So at x3, you still loose. If you have a x4, it might be worth it. Otherwise, no.


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