WANTED: Skilled Locksmith and Trapspringer



A small band of intrepid explorers is seeking a replacement scout to join their band and delve the secrets of the fallen Temple of Elemental Evil. Please see Ostler Gundigoot at the Inn of the Welcome Wench in Hommlet for full details.

Recently the party's rogue left the group after a harrowing experience with a horde of zombies. The group finds themselves seeking a new party member, specifically a non-evil rogue, interested in investigating the temple as part of a long term campaign.

Character creation particulars can be found HERE

The character should be 2nd level, 1200 max gold piece spending limit.

Current party consists of an Elven wizard, Human Warpriest, Dwarven Fighter, Human Barbarian, and a Human Cleric is joining to replace a fallen druid.

The group will be making a decision quickly, so the deadline for submissions will be noon Monday May 14th.

Any questions please feel free to ask.


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Dot for interest

So you need an burglar?
Hmm... Thinking gnome or Halfling alchemist, although I'm willing to do a rogue if alchemist isn't allowed...
From the looks of it, alchemist is allowed right?

Although I may also go for a trapper ranger, still gnome just using a crossbow ;P

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Couple of questions before I put in a submission :

A) Wyrwood be ok as a construct/golem since they don't exist as a race in Greyhawk? Group can find it in the dungeon/wilderness/whatever so easy to bring in.
B) Have you ever 'stealth nerfed' a player? By this, I mean accept a player concept and then after 2-3 levels either inform them some core bit of their character or build will not be played by RAW (For example, telling a wyrwood they can not do anything when everyone else is asleep other than read a book or stare at the wall, or let them buy a piece of equipment like boots of the cat, and then tell them 3 levels after they buy it and have just fallen off a cliff that the boots are silly and you don't allow silly magic items in your game). Yes, both of those have happened to me, thus why I'm looking for a new game and asking dumb questions of the potential GM.

unchained allowed or not allowed?

The group is interested in a stealthy skill monkey type character, preferably a rogue or investigator, (which was the class of the last player.) The group has been hindered a bit without someone capable of spotting trouble before they wander into it.

As we are attempting to incorporate the whole T1 thru Q1 plus modules we are keeping the races Greyhawk based.

Unchained is not allowed, just trying to keep everyone on the same playing field and using the normal Pathfinder splat assortments, aside from the mentioned Hero and Action point changes.

I haven't retro-nerfed anything I've allowed in a game, or certainly not that I remember. Part of the reason I avoid allowing 3rd party stuff is to keep a semblance of balance, though with ever increasing splats creep is inevitable. I do try to keep up with FAQ changes and will house rule such issues as might arise from changes thereby, though with party feedback beforehand.

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Good to know. The wyrwood was a sorcerer who had thief abilities via an archetype, which is why I asked, but if you're wanting to keep it to races that exist in Greyhawk, I'll have to dig out my greyhawk book to see what races are there. :) Been awhile, give me a few to see if I have a character I can match to it. I hate making new characters if I already have one (I put a lot into my character's personality and such, so it's painful to create new ones when an old favorite can find new life).

Applying again. Let us see if this time is better. Will adjust soon.

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Hmm, I have a Kitsune werebat that was fun, she was actually built for a Greyhawk game, but I'm guessing you don't want were bats. :P

I have an unfettered eidelon who is a rogue, but I am going to guess you don't want an unfettered eidelon (sigh, nobody ever does).

I have a human rogue/alchemist, but she's kind of obnoxious as a character.

I have an aasimar spiritualist (scourge), but you seem to not like occult classes, so that's out.

I have an aasimar life shaman, but that's not a rogue type, and her personality won't translate to a rogue/investigator.

Human bloodrager/brawler... nah, you really don't want his personality as a rogue or investigator. LOL His name is Logos the Mad. :P

Hmm, I have a human gunslinger whose personality might work well as an investigator or rogue or bard detective...

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The Greyhawk races link (and some others from that same site) from the original recruitment seem to be down (unless it is just for me?). I found this one:


Does that have the information that you wanted us to have about the races, or was there something else specific that we need to know?

Thanks Zanbabe, that link you offered will work for the basics, since it does appear the original links I quoted have gone offline.

For simplicity Greyhawk was a world primarily of humans and their demihuman allies surviving against each other as well as the hordes of monstrous humanoids inhabiting the world. There is evidence of demonically tainted persons existing, as well as those touched by the goodly powers, though either tend to not be the norm and as such met with fear and uncertainty even under the best of circumstances.

Lycans as asked are out, though that is because of an aspect of the story deals with them, and they will play a part in the campaign which makes allowing them in the party a bit problematic.

If you have a question about a particular race feel free to ask and I will check my own resources for possible inclusion, but I can make no promises.

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GM Darkblade wrote:

Lycans as asked are out, though that is because of an aspect of the story deals with them, and they will play a part in the campaign which makes allowing them in the party a bit problematic.

If you have a question about a particular race feel free to ask and I will check my own resources for possible inclusion, but I can make no promises.


Let's see :

1) I'd love to play my unfettered eidelon again. It's a simple build, basically, it's half a summoner. The eidelon uses the eidelon table to level up, and at any level it would normally not get a hit die, it gains a class level instead (so at 4th level, 8th level, etc). Eidelons should exist in your Greyhawk if Summoner's are allowed. He'd have trouble with magic traps until 4th level then, but we shouldn't run into many magic traps before 4th level anyway...

2) If 1 isn't allowed (which is what I expect), then I guess the human gunslinger could be reworked as an investigator or rogue of some stripe.

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I am making a Detective Bard (they get magical trap detection and removal like a rogue, and I am intending to take a trait so that disable device will also be a class skill).

Noticed you said you wanted alternate racial traits approved. May I take "Military Tradition"? (That's a Human Alternate trait that trades out the extra human feat for two martial or exotic weapon proficiencies appropriate to the culture.)

I'm thinking her parents were from a more primitive or warrior race or tribe (Flannae or Oeridian?), but they moved and she grew up in a more "civilized" setting, but still with that tradition, learning the ancient ways and weapons, but mixed with more civilized knowledge. Mechanically, it allows me to use a longbow, which I like, and also I was thinking a totem spear, which can also be used as an instrument, which is convenient as a bard. :)

Out of curiosity, would you be ok with a Ratfolk? They are around in Greyhawk (Netsumi).

I'd be looking at either a Scavenger Investigator or a Slayer grabbing Trapfinding as his lvl 2 talent.

@mdt What appearance and build would the eidolon present that would make the group interested in allowing it to join the group? Basically you would be approaching the Fellowship of the Ring, how would it fit into that frame of reference?

The previous investigator was working on firearms as a steel hound so the group understood the concept, although the character never used their weapon in combat.

@Zanbabe Military Tradition is acceptable. Would need to see something on the totem spear to understand it as a weapon and an instrument. I'm more used to aboriginal type musical weapons from my anthropological studies courses, so I apologize.

@Cuan As to a ratfolk I pose the same question as above, how would the ratfolk present itself to make the group interested in allowing it to join the group? Basically again approaching the Fellowship of the Ring, how would it fit into that frame of reference?

@Cerilis Silvertree, unchained rogues are out, is there a regular progression rogue you would be interested in submitting?

@William Nightmoon, alchemists are allowed though the party is particularly looking for roguish builds, rogues and investigators and such with abilities for traps, magical wards, and lockpicking.

Still have not adjusted the character, will do it soon. Are path of war feats allowed? I know it is a 3pp but no Dex to damage makes for a very poor combat rogue....

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All I know about it is from the PFSRD description:

PFSRD wrote:
If the user is trained in the spear’s use, a totem spear can be used by bards to create bardic music effects using Perform (wind instrument). The spear itself has a strong, flexible shaft, and in the hands of one trained in its use, grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Acrobatics checks. The spear’s relatively wide head allows it to be used as a slashing weapon, swung side to side, or as a piercing weapon in a more traditional spear-fighting technique.

I was guessing that since it says it is a wind instrument, that it can make music when you swing it, forcing air through it, and perhaps "playing" it by covering up different holes with your hands as you do?

Here is a LINK that refers to its "decorative hollows."

So maybe like you are kind of dancing with it in a martial-artist way which includes attacks choreographed into the movements and the music?

On the other hand, this is Greyhawk, so if you want to adapt it to this setting in some other way, feel free. I just thought it sounded like good flavor for this bard, but am totally okay with whatever different flavor you prefer. :)

EDIT: Another approval request... would you allow me to use the human race favored class bonus for bards?

Human Bard FCB wrote:
Add one spell known from the bard spell list. This spell must be at least one level below the highest spell level the bard can cast.

Since humans have an extra bonus, I would also take a favored class bonus on my skills.

Shi'Vatha's Appearance


Shi'Vatha, which in the Celestial tongue means 'Seeker of Evil', Warden Archon of the 7th Tome Zaphkiel was never a very good Warden Archon. Or rather, he was a very good Warden, and little escaped his notice.
But he was not stoic and stone faced like the other Warden Archons. He enjoyed listening to stories, he smiled at things the others found no more important than a stray breeze.

So when Heironeous came seeking an entity willing to form a bond with one of his chosen Paladins, not as a spirit companion, nor even an animal companion, but as a lowly summoned creature of little power, Shi'Vatha thought for only a few minutes before grinning at the god and stepping forward.

Heironeous was not sure of this choice, but it would be dishonorable to turn down one who had volunteered to give up so much. And so Shi'Vatha gave up the power he had and bonded to Casarina Thallus, a valiant Aasimar Summoner Paladin of Heironeous.

Shi'Vatha was not as strong as most eidelon's, due to his summoner's primary path being that of a Paladin, however, he was an excellent scout, his small feline form allowing him to sneak through places Casarina could not and ferret out information for her.

The two were quite the well known pair in the Church of Heironeous, and got many of the most dangerous assignments. They were especially well known for tracking down dangerous artifacts and destroying them, wherever they might be hiding (or hidden!). However, they were also very good at investigating mysteries as well.

It was on one such assignment that the team met a horrible ending of their pact. Casarina had been tasked with investigating the sudden betrayal by a priest of his flock, and subsequent sacrificing of many of them to some unknown entity.

The pair did as they normally did, Shi'Vatha scouting ahead (although close enough not to lose his life force from being too far separated from his partner), and Casarina dispatching foes with the occasional assistance from Shi'Vatha. Unfortunately, they fell into a trap devised by those who had turned the priest. The two were captured, and taken to an evil cave where blood was spilled in a horrifying magical rite. Casarina's mind was broken with fell magic, and her former good and right nature turned to chaos and evil. Casarina awakened and began to walk the path of an anti-paladin summoner.

The ritual did not go as expected though, for it had not been performed on someone who was both a Paladin and Summoner before. Casarina's tie to Shi'Vatha was rent assunder, both gaining a burning rune on their forehead as the bond was rent. Casarina could not summon a new eidelon, and Shi'Vatha could not return to his home.

Casarina was afraid to kill her former ally, for fear her ability to summon, or use summoner magic, would also be destroyed permanently. So she locked the catlike eidelon in a steel cage and tortured it when bored.

After several months of such treatment, amazingly, Shi'Vatha's shattered mind began to reform, the madness induced by the destruction of his bond receding, and his original good and upright nature returning. Finding himself suddenly able to control his own evolution, he waited for Casarina to depart on a murder spree, and evolved an upper torso, turning himself into a feline 'taur. Using his newfound hands and skills, he used a bent nail from the wooden floor of his cell to pick the lock and flee back to the church and Casarina's family to tell them what had happened.

The church of Heironeous is nothing if not loyal, and Shi had shown such loyalty as few have for the church. However, his manners and mannerisms were not... exactly what they expected of either a paladin or a paladin's creature. And his newfound (and understandable) attitude of Antipathy toward Paladins was also something of an embarrassment.

So while the church is still very friendly toward Shi, and accords him a priest of Heironeous, he is not sought after often to go on missions anymore.

The Thallus's, however, were distraught when they found out what had been done to Casarina, and they were horrified at what she had in turn done to Shi'Vatha. The Eidelon had been in the family for decades, and many of the current generation of the clan had grown up playing with Shi as children. Unable to bear losing both Casarina and Shi, they took in Shi, and hope one day to recover their lost daughter as well.

Clan can be changed, church is probably pretty locked in if we're using Greyhawk gods. If we're using Pathfinder gods, we should probably go with Iomedae or Torag. Shi would make a good entrance by being recommended by either the church or his clan. I saw you had a Paladin, which should provide a good in and a bit of roll play as the Paladin has to get him to trust Paladin's again (Shi's antipathy toward Paladin's doesn't manifest as violence, he just bad mouths them and doesn't trust them).

This was the build I used last time I played him. I'd need to tweak the build to match your creation specs of course (more equipment, alter the stats). He was a lot of fun to play. There are posts he's made that show his personality if you want to see how he acted and was played before. He has a weakness for horseradishes and wasabi root (he doesn't need to eat, but he likes the taste).

Unfettered Eidolon from the bestiary. Used this for the stats, but since they don't get hit die at levels 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20, the idea is he takes a class level at those levels, being a PC making him more versatile. I'd be taking Rogue levels for him, obviously. He'd start out with a racial bonus on both Perception and Disable Device, which should see him through to level 4 so he can deal with magic traps then.


"Shi'Vatha", said to an NPC wizard with a loud shrill voice who was screaming in an inn wanting to hire people to guard him wrote:
Shi'Vatha clamps his ears down on his head with a pained expression. "This one would request that that one not scream in an enclosed area. This one would like to point out to that one that some beings have large well formed ears that hear with fine acuity, which is ruined when people scream in said ears." The eidelon reproves the wizard with a mildly annoyed tone. "If that one wants to hire beings to protect it, it is suggested that carrying one's self in a professional manner works better." The eidelon tilts it's head until it's neck rotates nearly 180 degrees and it's almost looking at the wizard upside down. "Details are often useful as well, as very few beings take a job without knowing such things as pay, danger, duration, and other pertinent information."
"Shi'Vatha", upon finding a family killed by orcs on their farm wrote:

Some might notice Shi'Vatha slinking into the camp, to those less vigilant, he simply appears in the middle of camp. The eidelon has a strange rigidity to his normally placid face.

"Mr. Smither. I am afraid I must tender my resignation from your employ. I felt obligated to do so in person. The creature you name your enemy is a murderer and associate of demons and orcs, and I cannot in good conscience allow him to continue to breath. Not wanting to involve you in an execution, I am officially withdrawing from your party in order to deal with him." The eidelon's voice is colder than the most wind swept arctic tundra. "Should I not succeed in administering justice, you should be aware of what you face. He has an imp familiar which turns into a raven at need. Also, he has at least 2 possibly more, orcs in his employee. He is camped half a day ahead, just inside the treeline next to an outlying farm. The farm in question will be easily recognizable, the family that lived there, the father, mother, girl and baby are all dead, on display outside the house."

"Shi'Vatha", upon a companion declaring he should not go alone wrote:
Shi'Vatha looks at the fetchling woman. "It is not my right to drag you all into an execution. There will be no quarter for this individual if he surrenders. Also, the fact he has an imp for a familiar means he is a very practiced and powerful magic user. Apprentices such as Mr. Smither do not have such powerful allies. Even the weakest of demons, which this surely is, is still a powerful creature. In all honesty, the likelyhood of this group killing a wizard powerful enough to have an imp as a familiar is unlikely. I cannot ask you to accompany me to what is most likely death."
"Shi'Vatha", upon the other team members declaring they will kill the orcs wrote:

Shi'Vatha relaxes a bit. "It was not my place to presume to place you all in danger for my values. However, I am heartened that you have chosen the path of righteousness." The eidelon bows from his waist. "It is possible to ambush them, they are not expecting us as far as I can tell. When I last left, there were two orcs on patrol. No one is wearing heavy armor. If the stealthier components sneak up and bypass the orc, I believe we could strike the bird down from ambush before taking out the caster and the orcs. Especially if we can arrange a distraction. An image of the family as ghosts perhaps, or just someone being bait to draw them out."

Shi'Vatha then describes their camp, the farm, and the enemies he saw.

"Shi'Vatha", During Combat wrote:

Shi'Vatha growls defiantly at the last orc. "You kill children, you die..." He tells it in a cold dreadful voice.

"Shi'Vatha", after the battle wrote:

Shi'Vatha spits. "If I could, I would hang all four orcs from the tree with a list of their crimes. But most Orcs do not read. I will bury the family." He still has a bloody slice in his back. The blood is not flowing, but he's not moving easily either. "I have not seen the newcomer before, they may be friends of the family. We should be sure they do not think we had anything to do with the deaths of the farmer and their family."

Shi'Vatha will then move to the family, and say a prayer over them before beginning to dig graves in the back of the house. His claws are not dangerous enough to attack with, but they should work well for digging graves.

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@Cerilis Sorry but I'd like to keep the selections limited to Paizo Pathfinder material. I'm sure there are other options available to boost a combat rogue's utility. The rogues I have built for the campaign seem to do fine on paper, just waiting for the eventual interactions with the players to see how they fare.

@Zanbabe The weapon is allowed by the feat and Paizo. I would likely rule the "musical effect" is based off twirling in a circle or whipping to and fro, turning the shaft to change pitch and angling the decorative cuts, notches, and channels along it's length. Similar to a cordless bullroarer or a wind wand but without the hollowness of a didgeridoo or flute. If you are looking to make it a Flan weapon I would suggest the nearest Flan enclave appropriate to the campaign would be coming out of Sterich. Perhaps on a personal walkabout.

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@Zanbabe the Human Bard Favored Class Bonus Option is acceptable.

I'm not sure what you mean by humans have an extra favored class bonus each level. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head that allows for two favored class bonuses at the same time is the Nemesis Story Feat.

William here, this is my Dwarf Ranger(Trapper) Concept character, applying him for this game. He is an Excellent guide and although he isn't too much of a skill junky he is able to remove traps and do scouting, as well as keep his own in combat very well.

Liberty's Edge

Oh, I'm sorry. I just meant this:

Humans wrote:
Skilled: Humans gain an additional skill rank at first level and one additional rank whenever they gain a level.

It is an extra skill point per level, which I think in my mind is kind of like a favored class bonus, which is why I kind of lumped them together and got them mixed up... but yeah, definitely not as versatile. Sorry for the confusion.

Any advice on languages for the setting? Do the Flan/Flannae people have a racial language?

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Okay, gotcha. Common is the trade tongue, Flan would be appropriate for the people. After that perhaps Keoish, Ferrond, or Baklunish as well as the demi-human or humanoid tongues. (I know, demi-human isn't PC but is easier to say.)

<-- Here is Zanbabe's submission.

I think it is all done except equipment. I have a basic equipment list in there pulled over from another alias, but I need to customize and total it up, and since you track weight, I need to go back and look up the weights of everything as well. (Totally not complaining about that... it will just take me some time.) Hopefully what is already there is enough to consider the character.

Thanks for all of the answers to my questions. Let me know if you see anything wrong. I build from scratch rather than using software, and although I usually do pretty well, I have been known to miss things.

Also, I took a story feat because you mentioned it was an option in the original recruitment. In case it isn't clear how it fits into her background... she actually doesn't know about her family's legacy or why they left their homeland... it is just there as a story hook, if we ever run into it during the adventure. :)

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Shi's potential submission is above, if you have any questions, let me know. Only posting because it came in about the same time you posted and thought you might have missed it. If Shi's not acceptable, I'll work up something else.

Zokama's equipment should now be complete as well, so she is ready to go.

How do you feel about the halfling "Creepy Doll" alternate race trait?

@mdt I'm sorry but initial feedback from the group is the Eidolon may not be a good fit for the flavor of the campaign and the party's needs. They're really looking for a roguish type character who can on the surface walk into that den of inequity called Nulb, the suspect village of Rastor, or the slave dens of Safeton without immediately drawing unwanted attention and identifying them as adversaries of the evil cult growing in power across Oerth. Shi'Vatha is a really interesting concept, just not perhaps for an already established group.

@Zaboom Creepy Doll is fine, but as GM I would be tempted to use the appearance in day to day interactions as well, so expect some occasional pushback from the minds of more medieval superstitious peasant folk who see the strange as sinister. Why did you see how pale and white he was, Bertle, a child of them vampyren for sure. Now where's my garlic and holy water at? Plus while the appearance makes you seem like only a life-sized doll to make stealth checks, guards and monsters are likely to recall they didn't have a doll set up in their treasure room earlier today. That trait usually works more for urban or gothic themed adventures, but it is allowable.

Presented Candidates for Party Review thus far:

Cerilis Silvertree aka Jovich
Durin Thundergut aka William Nightmoon
Zokama aka Zanbabe

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

Yep, no problem, I figured that would be the case. I was going to submit a different option, but you got several good submissions while I was trying to get Shi approved. For now, it looks like you've already got 3 strong candidates, so I'll withdraw to make your life easier. :)

Good luck everyone!

I am almost finished with the adjustments. Need to update equipment. The character will be heading for Dark Delver prestige class and may take a dip into Bard Archaeologist.

Hi all, I know its a long shot but here is a simple submission:

image of Shack

Shack has no recollection of his real parents, nor his real name for that matter. Shack was left abandoned in a small shack just outside the walls of Verbobonc. He was found by a small band of goblins scrounging for food in the middle of the night.

The Goblin shaman, Crookedeye, named him Shack since he was discovered in an old shack. Crookedeye warned the other goblins that Shack was sent by the goblin ancestors to help the clan get food from the human in the big city.

Shack spent his days living with the sewer clan goblins, sneaking int the city stealing food for the clan, and slipping back into the sewer pipes and back out of the city.

Shack, being a gnome, was not as unwelcome as his goblin family. But his lack of full command of the common tongue, it has lead him into trouble when caught.

One night, Shack was stealing a whole box of apples and was caught. He tried to run back into the sewer pipes but he was followed. Accidentally, Shack lead the would-be hero right to the goblin clan. There was a fight and many of the goblins were killed. Crookedeye managed to hide Shack in a wagon that was parked for the night, loaded with goods to be heading out in the morning. Shack was knocked unconscious during the altercation, and when he awoke the wagon was already on the road toward Hommlet.

The merchant driving the wagon got quite the surprise when Shack appeared in his wagon. Miser Russe, the merchant, took pity on the dirty, wounded, and starved little gnome. He helped Shack learn more of the common language and fed him the best he could.

After several days the two arrived in Hommlet. Shack was very scared around all the other humans, and even dwarves, (which he has never seen before). Though he was a little better dressed, Shack, still looked a bit unkept. As Miser sold his wares, Shack wandered the village looking for interesting things, and trying to avoid too much trouble.

GM backstory:

Shack’s parents abandoned him because of his Dread gnome heritage, they believed his blood connection with necromancy would have been a curse. They had very little money and were scared. They dumped Shack in a shack outside of town and sent a letter to an orphanage to retrieve him. But the goblins found him first. Shack’s real name is actually Shazben.

Shack's stats:

Male dread gnome rogue 2
N Small humanoid (gnome)
Hero Points 1
Init +4; Senses low-light vision; Perception +11 (+13 while benefit from concealment or full concealment due to darkness or dim light)
AC 16, touch 14, flat-footed 13 (+2 armor, +3 Dex, +1 size)
hp 19 (2d8+6)
Fort +2 (+2 vs. poison (+4 vs. accidently poisoning yourself), +2 trait bonus vs. poison or drugs (+4 to avoid effects of alcohol)), Ref +6, Will +2
Defensive Abilities defensive training, evasion
Speed 20 ft.
Melee dagger +5 (1d3/19-20) or
. . mwk dagger +6 (1d3/19-20) or
. . unarmed strike +5 (1d2 nonlethal)
Ranged sling +5 (1d3)
Special Attacks hatred, sneak attack +1d6
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 2nd; concentration +2)
. . 1/day—bleed (DC 13), chill touch (DC 14), detect poison, touch of fatigue (DC 13)
Str 11, Dex 17, Con 14, Int 13, Wis 14, Cha 11
Base Atk +1; CMB +0; CMD 13
Feats Alertness, Weapon Finesse
Traits child of the streets, iron liver, rapscallion, vagabond child (urban)
Skills Acrobatics +8 (+4 to jump), Craft (alchemy) +6, Craft (poison) +6, Disable Device +12, Escape Artist +9, Intimidate +0 (+2 while benefit from concealment or full concealment due to darkness or dim light), Knowledge (dungeoneering) +5, Knowledge (local) +6, Perception +11 (+13 while benefit from concealment or full concealment due to darkness or dim light), Sense Motive +4, Sleight of Hand +9, Stealth +13 (+15 while benefit from concealment or full concealment due to darkness or dim light), Swim +4, Use Magic Device +4; Racial Modifiers +2 Perception
Languages Common, Gnome, Goblin, Sylvan
SQ dimdweller, hero points, knack with poison[ARG], paranoid, rogue talent (fast stealth), trapfinding +1
Combat Gear oil of magic stone (2), potion of cure light wounds (2), caltrops, poison, red tears (3); Other Gear leather armor, dagger, mwk dagger, sling, sling bullets (10), cracked pale ruby trillian ioun stone, ioun torch ioun stone[APG], backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, belt pouch, chalk (10), flint and steel, masterwork thieves' tools, thieves' tools, tindertwig (10), waterproof bag[UE], waterskin, bloodstone (semi-precious) (worth 50 gp), small ruby (worth 100 gp), tiger eye agate (ornamental) (worth 5 gp), 67 gp, 6 sp, 8 cp
Special Abilities
Defensive Training +4 Gain a dodge bonus to AC vs. monsters of the Giant subtype.
Dimdweller +2 to Intimidate, Perception, and Stealth when in conceal due to darkness.
Evasion (Ex) If succeed on Reflex save for half dam, take none instead.
Fast Stealth (Ex) Move at full speed while using the Stealth skill at no penalty.
Hatred +1 Gain a bonus to attack vs. goblinoid/reptilian humanoids.
Hero Points Hero Points can be spent at any time to grant a variety of bonuses.
Knack with Poison (Ex) +2 Craft (alchemy) to make poison, +2 save vs. poison (+4 if accidentally expose yourself).
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in dim light, distinguishing color and detail.
Paranoid Aid Another DC 15 for attempts to help you.
Sneak Attack +1d6 Attacks deal extra dam if flank foe or if foe is flat-footed.
Trapfinding +1 Gain a bonus to find or disable traps, including magical ones.

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Pathfinder® and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Inc.®, and are used under license.

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might work up a rogue tonight if it isnt too late...2 questions though. 1-Unchained classes? 2-The Greyhawk races link doesn't work....

@Grimdog 73: (bolded for attention only)

I'm one of the players, and I can help with answers. I am curious about who will be joining us.

One: No to unchained. That was answered upthread, but it gets busy quickly in these ;)

Two: Races Link that was provided by Zanbabe, and approved by our GM.

Thanks Fil for fielding that, allergies caused some health issues today.

Presented Candidates for Party Review thus far:

Cerilis Silvertree aka Jovich
Durin Thundergut aka William Nightmoon
Zokama aka Zanbabe
Shack aka Edward Sobel


Quick change for Shack....

remove craft poison and add 2 ranks to craft traps
(craft poison is covered under craft alchemy)

add artisan tools (craft traps) to equipment (-5 gold for this)

bad part is this adds to my encumbrance (but still under my 28 pound limit)

Thanks for everyone who applied. The players are reviewing the applications now and providing me their feedback. I should have a decision tomorrow.

After deliberation and consideration, with feedback from the players I would like to offer Zokama the open position of a roguish player to the group. In weighing the demands of the campaign, from the Temple, the Slave Lords, Giants, and Drow ultimately climaxing in a battle against the dread Tharizdun I felt her character best meshed with the challenges the group might face.

Please understand you all submitted strong characters and offered interesting opportunities for interaction with the story and the players, and I wish you all the best in your gaming endeavors.

I want to offer a special, humble apology to Cerilis for having passed him over a second time. You really stepped up your offering this time and would that the game could support one more character because I think you and Fil might have had an opportunity to but heads a bit in character over the place of oelven relics in a human-centric world. That said I wish you all the best, there are going to be plenty of chances to return to Greyhawk and I am sure the right one is just waiting to bring you into the fold.

Again good luck to you all, and thank you for giving our game your interest and attention. May the dice weigh always in your favor...

congrats... any feedback for shack to make him a better submission for future games?

EDIT: I am in another game with Zokama's player... great player !!!!

Shack was a good character, decent rogue, and had an interesting storyline to go with him. Not sure how well poison would have worked out. I've felt the curve on poison falls off the higher the power level climbs, becoming less useful unless you expend far more resources than the benefits merit. The only real problem I saw which ultimately weakened him was the Gnomish background.

Players should not read this.:

I wonder how many will sneak and read this anyways. Gnomes will play a fair sized role in the game as emissaries of power for both Verbobonc and Celene, and serve as part of the resistance force which the players will encounter later on in Sterich. I thought about how Shack would be received by the uptight and pretentious gnomes yet to come, and thought it would be an unfair burden to foist upon the character. It would have taken a small bit to retool the campaign to remove them, to change them out for halflings, but that felt too much like the halflings of Cheliax, which are a pet peeve of mine, reminiscent of child labor. If we were running Temple of Elemental Evil only Shack would have been fine overall , the character would have felt a bit of ostracizing at the start, as people would need time to accept him. After all goblins are not as well received in Greyhawk as they are on Golarion, since old school sees them for murderous oversized rats serving in many evil armies, including the one which slaughtered so many in the first rise of the Temple.

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