Everything About: The Four Noble Families of Sandpoint!

Rise of the Runelords

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By request, we're back! This 'Everything About' is looking into the four noble houses of Sandpoint: Deverin, Kaijitsu, Valdemar, and Scarnetti. Post all of your musings and homebrew material on any member of one of these families here!

Everything about 'Everything About':
I figure every GM wants to run 3-dimensional NPCs, but not everyone has the time to prep every one. So I'm hoping this can act as a reference thread for GMs starting the AP, where they can take advantage of the creativity of GMs who have already invested the time into making these characters interesting.

Previous threads in the series:

  • Belor Hemlock
  • The Sandpoint guards
  • Ameiko Kaijitsu
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  • Let's see all of your content (original or not) about any member of the noble families, including but not limited to:

  • Non-canonical backstories
  • Mannerisms and descriptions
  • Relationships with other NPCs
  • Encounters or side-quests
  • Favorite activities
  • Images
  • Anything else that helps flesh out these characters!

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    A tie between Rise of the Runelords and the Magnimar: City of Monuments I exploited in my game - the Deverin family is led in Sandpoint by Kendra Deverin, and in Magnimar by Hobart Deverin. While Runelords focuses on the small town of Sandpoint and only briefly touches Magnimar, the situation in the big city mirrors that of the small - the Deverins have some degree of power, and the Scarnettis covet it, to the point where they engage in no small amount of skulduggery to get it. However, in both cities, the Deverins have been able to outmaneuver the Scarnettis.

    But old Hobart is dying. He's got some ague that even the priests can't fix, and he knows it's only a matter of time before he passes on, and the balance of power between Magnimar and Sandpoint shifts. Kendra's aware of this too, and she's not certain how to resolve her responsibilities - she knows that moving to Magnimar is the right play, but she feels like she's abandoning Sandpoint to the Scarnettis, and without someone to act as their foil, they'll finally enact all their worst ideas upon the town.

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    My take on Kendra Deverin: She is impatient and no-nonsense. Overall she is good-natured, but she can be commandeering and demanding. She has a tendency to pace restlessly while talking, or if she is sitting down she may tap rhythmically on the table while waiting for a chance to interject into the conversation.

    Her vision is to continue building Sandpoint to become a prosperous cultural center to rival Magnimar. She is proud of the theater and the glassworks, and after building a new bank her next great ambition is to put a magical college on Chopper's Isle. This magical school would be called the Builder's College, and would focus on teaching practical magic that engages with the community to improve people's lives, perhaps even requiring internships where its wizards spend a semester working in cooperation with a non-magical craftsman or company. This sets it apart from the abusive and insular environment of Korvosa's Acadamae, or the esoteric mysticism of the Stone of the Seers in Magnimar.

    RumpinRufus wrote:
    Good stuff...

    I'd just toss in a compliment - these are great threads! When I get a chance I hope I can add to one of them (or more).

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