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i'm starting to think about the build of the Disease Cleric we talked in another thread and a lot of the thematic spells are melee touch.

I never made a melee touch caster or seen one of my friends playing that.
How do you build a melee caster? Is this a bad idea after all?

A really high AC and/or a high concentration check.

If you're not getting hit, you can cast just fine in melee.

I'm playing a level 12 bad touch cleric in Iron Fang invasion and it's actually not too bad. Clerics can get their AC pretty high and after a few well placed buffs/debuffs no one is hitting you anyway.

my normal approach to battle looks something like this:
Use vision of Madness cleric ability, walk up to opponent land touch attack. He is now at a -6 on attack and saves, but a +6 to skills. Then I quicken a Touch of idiocy some other debuff to really ruin his day. At this point his saves are, at best, -7 at worst -10. Next round If the wizard hasn't hit him with a save or suck I will. Then If things get hairy I cast grace and I walk away.

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Fun variation on this: grippli cleric with Agile Tongue, able to deliver touch effects from 10 feet away. Pairs well with a reach weapon, and can be further extended by nabbing Aberrant bloodline abilities from Eldritch Heritage or an Amulet of the Blooded.

Haha! Nice one Nirdish!
Does it stack with Lunge(Combat) to get a 20 ft. prehensile tongue?
Also, a frogish cleric is in the theme of a disease/plague cleric. I like it!

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There's a feat called Lunging Spell Touch that works like Lunge for touch spells, and has a Spellcraft 6 requirement rather than BAB 6 requirement, making it easier to get early.

There is also a newish feat called Exotic Heritage that functions as a Skill Focus prerequisite for Eldritch Heritage and lets you get Wildblooded bloodlines. The Warped bloodline for Aberrant trades out the useless Acidic Ray for Warp Touch, another touch ability that dazes. A decent setup for a touch cleric working towards Improved Eldritch Heritage for Long Limbs and further reach.

Take the Dreamed Secrets feat at lvl 13 and pick up some Touch Spells from the Wizard spell list :)

Also, if you're allowed Psionic Classes, dip in any class you want for Psi Focus, and pick up Intuitive Fighting. It allows you to substitute your Wis for Str on melee touch attacks.

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If you think 10-15 feet reach is enough, you can instead opt to grab the thematically-appropriate Pestilence bloodline powers via Eldritch Heritage, including a sickening touch, sickened immunity, swarm immunity, and a natural armor bonus.

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In addition to a disease cleric, there is the following arcane character for delivering touch spells using reach (open to any race):

Swashbuckler (mysterious avenger) 1/arcanist (blade adept)* 6/eldritch knight X
Swb 1 - Magical Knack (Arcanist); Weapon Focus (Whip)
Arc 2 - Whip Mastery
Arc 4 - Intensified Spell
Arc 5 - Arcanist Exploit (Spellstrike)
Arc 6 - Extra Arcanist Exploit (Eldritch Blade)
EK 1 - Bonus Combat Feat (Improved Whip Mastery)

*- choose whip as the "one-handed piercing or slashing melee weapon" for Sword Bond

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