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Outpost I wrapped up a few weeks ago, though I think many of the tables have stuck together afterwards to complete the adventure they were working on (if not the whole adventure path!). This was the first major undertaking for card guild play by post of this scale. So, if you were involved in someway, please share your stories here.

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I'm in a country where Society play is scarce, and Society card game practically nil! Although not as easy to manoeuvre as the actual thing, this has allowed me to scratch that itch I've been having for the game so this is welcoming and very much appreciate how you guys put this together!

In fact, It's got me so pumped I've gone out to buy a few more decks in hope to gain interest in society card game play in my parts!

Venture-Lieutenant, Online—ACG aka Hawkmoon269

One of my favorite things came from the Season of the Goblins table I was playing in. We had a very fun time being Goblins. There were two characters that weren't "natural" goblins: Zetha and Qualzar. But they quickly got nicknames that pointed out their differences from "typical" goblins, such as "Tall Sneaky Blue Goblin" and "Beardy Face Goblin".

We actually finished the entire adventure path of Season of the Goblins (is is only 8 scenarios after all) and decided to journey on into Season of the Righteous and are suddenly joined by Tup, another goblin. This could have caused some "narrative disconnect" but it was handled with grace thanks to some tweaks to the story portions of the scenarios. From Queen Galfrey having to talk to goblins to the other crusaders learning to accommodate goblins to the goblins' own feelings about being sent to retrieve a book, Morx did a great job adjusting the narrative so that it all just worked.

But my favorite moment came when Reta carefully manipulated a location deck in such an awesome way that she set the table up to pick up an Item 3 with ease. She trusted her teammates to acquire it. You just have to read what happens.

And if you read through that gameplay thread you can easily see how great a leader Reta is.

Venture-Lieutenant, Online—ACG aka Hawkmoon269

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I'd also be remiss if I didn't say how much I've enjoyed running 3 tables. Especially in getting to know other players that I haven't interacted with before. All 3 have had different styles and have helped me learn more about how other people approach the game and what parts of it they get enjoyment from.


Sparkly water useless to Tup. No understand why silly not-leader Reta try to worry about sparkly water. Smash it, move on. :-P

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Much like with the Pathfinder RPG I have a large collection of source books and character decks but my moving with the military has me at odds with finding local groups to play with. When I found PbP for the RPG it was an amazing experience to get back into Pathinder as a player...and I never expected to find games for PACG in the same manner.

I am in three groups that are still going in some fashion and it has been fantastic. I have learned a lot from the players and box runners about the rules. We have had some pretty fantastic roleplaying added to the posts which you don't always get in person from dramatic villain encounters to how players describe their blessings.

Thank you to the hard work of all the players and box runners. They have made this all possible! Also those deck handlers are beautiful!

Personally, I think one of my favorite parts of Outpost Con has just been getting to play with folks all over the world. Our "table" has folks in the UK, Eastern Canada, the central US, and the West Coast. That's not something you typically get to have while playing, and it's been really cool to have the chance to play with such a varied group and to see the way other folks play as Andrew mentioned. :)

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In my case, there's insufficient interest for PACG in my city down in one of the more sparsely-populated cities of Australia; such a point was proved when one of the largest board-game themed conventions was held there, as is common, and there were lines of people to play the normal Pathfinder RPG but the tentatively-suggested PACG events dropped from lack of interest. As a result, PbP has been a rare chance for me to actually play the game that I've grown to adore... and admittedly it's pushed me to make purchase of altogether far too many class decks, as much to sate my own curiosity than anything else.

Sharing a table with Agent Eclipse above, I found the level of roleplay a particular charm, and an unexpected one - so different to physical play. Whilst I've largely played more 'serious' characters in my Play-by-Posts of PACG, I've still enjoyed trying to contextualize the encounters and the locations with the greater overarching story, injecting significance to even the most minor of encounters. Even more so, I've been awed and even led to laughter on more than one occasion by some of the antics on my table, whether it was Qualzar 'reprogramming' a Graven Guardian of Nethys, Qualzar worrying his pet Dhabba, Gronk seeming happy enough at his 'trades' or just reading about Skizza's adventures with the Dhabba "Duffy".

My favorite moment was Myrddin giving my character damage in the Outpost game then damaging me again a day later at our F2F game. I think the irony is hilarious (and nobody died so it's all good.)

I - or rather, the dice - got him back in a later outpost game when my sequence to close rolled a lot of 1s and 2s which was enough to close, but caused everyone else at the location to have to roll to bury cards.

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